2016 Graduation Ceremony

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) held its 2016 Graduation & Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, June 7. 47 HCDE students graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees, 62 with Master of Science degrees, and 3 with Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The full list of graduates is below.

Mary Czerwinski, Research Manager at Microsoft Research, gave the graduation address, in which she expressed the importance of the HCDE degree in building a better future, and provided insight into building a successful career in the field. Read the full text of Mary Czerwinski's speech »

The HCDE faculty awarded the 2016 Myron L. White Award (aka the "Mikey") to Rebecca Destello, affiliate faculty member and dedicated friend of the department. The department also recognized outstanding graduating students with Awards of Excellence. These awards honor students who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating excellence in one of three categories: Innovation, Leadership and Engagement, and Academic Excellence. View the 2016 student Awards of Excellence winners »

Students crossing stage

master's students hooded by faculty

 Find photos from the event on HCDE's Flickr Page »

Please join HCDE in congratulating the Class of 2016!

Students who attended the 2016 ceremony provided the department with a short statement to be read as they crossed the stage. Those statements are included below in italics.

Sharla Diane Akers
After 4 years of trying to explain what HCDE is, Sharla will be transitioning to explaining what TUNE does, working as a Product Manager.

Daniel Spencer Aldridge

Kendall Mcginnis Avery
An experienced researcher and enthusiastic designer, Kendall is excited to further her career as a UX designer with Concur Labs this summer.

Sijia Bao
Empathy, curiosity, and simplicity keep Jessica tuned and creative as a UX researcher. She will be back in the fall for the HCDE MS program.

Kyle Douglas Burger
In HCDE Kyle found the perspective and inspiration he had hoped for and thanks the amazing mentors and peers for kickstarting a new chapter.

Juan Cai
With great passion in interaction design, visual design and user experience, Juan will be joining Oracle as a UX Designer this summer. 

John Alvin Antonio Castro
John has learned the value of the UX design process. He is moving to San Diego to pursue a career in UX design and project management.

Keting Cen
With strong passions for design thinking and UX process, Keting will be joining Deloitte Consulting this summer.

Arnavi Mahendra Chheda
Arnavi is graduating with degrees in Computer Science and HCDE. She will be joining Microsoft in the fall as a software developer.

Daniel Cohen
With a passion for physical prototyping, Danny will be finishing his B.A. in Communication this summer and is planning to work in Seattle.

Charles Harrison Connor

Jessica Martha Diesing
Jes is graduating with a double degree in HCDE and Computer Science. She will be joining Microsoft in the fall as a software engineer.

Ashley Elise Donaldson
Naps in Sieg, vending machines and italian soda runs helped fuel Ashley through HCDE. She will be returning to Microsoft as a Program Manager.

Yoanna De La Caridad Dosouto Guerra
While in HCDE Yoanna made new life-long friends and developed skills that have allowed her to join Alaska Airlns as a Researcher this summer.

Stephanie Lynn Grose

Karina Yuka Harada
Using the knowledge from HCDE, Karina would like to explore how video games and robots can improve the language learning experience.

Megan Ann Hodge
After taking time off this summer, Megan will rejoin Nordstrom as a Software Engineer.

Kevin Huynh
A passion for designing and programming technology tailored towards human needs, Kevin will be joining AT&T as an Applications Developer.

Quynh-Nhu Thi Huynh
While in HCDE, Quynh interned at Amazon and will be working at Nordstrom as an Engineer.

Jennifer Lee Jenks
Bringing her passions for informed design in technology, Jennifer is continuing school at Duke for a Master’s in Engineering Management.

Jess Landquist
While in HCDE, Jess developed a love for prototyping and made lasting friendships. She will be continuing on at T-Mobile as a UX Designer.

Derek Alexander Lee
Also graduating in business, Derek served as a PM and stakeholder in many of his teams. Derek will start at Deloitte as a consultant in July.

Kirk Samuel Lestelle
Kirk loves creating pleasant experiences for people and hopes to continue doing so this summer as a UX Designer for a startup in NYC.

Matthew John MacAdam
Matthew is a full time software engineer with UW IT and he'll be looking at a move to the private sector in 2018.  

Samuel Joseph Marks
Knowing that technology can't exist without relationships between people, Sam is excited to design interactions to nurture those connections.

Alexander Joseph Martin
After graduation, Alexander is looking to begin a career in User Experience Design in an Agency or Startup setting.

Hunter James Mask
With a passion for both design and development, Hunter will be continuing full-time as a Software Engineer at Nordstrom this summer.

Perry Meas
With his commitment to the power of narrative through video games and a Kazoo and Potato in hand, Perry heads to his future in game design. 

Austin Robert Meyers
Through HCDE Austin advanced his skills in software development. He will be joining Go-To-Tags as a Software Engineer this fall.

Nitaya Helf Munkhong
Nitaya will be interning at VSA Partners in NYC this summer, and returning to Seattle in the fall to continue her journey as a UX Designer.

Benjamin Donald Nilsen

Natalee Sue Ouzts
Graduating in only 3 years, Natalee has developed a passion for visual communications and aspires to be a UX designer for a startup. 

Tanner Mclean Page
Loves HCI and UX, Tanner is planning on pursuing his interests in either the medical or gaming industry.

Ian Michael Palmgren
5 years, 232 credits, and 2 degrees later, Ian is very proud to have earned his bachelors degree in Advanced Tech Support. Love you mom.

Daniel O’Connell Rowland

Max A. Schreiber
Max applies his knowledge of HCI to virtual reality game and app design. Max will be working with two virtual reality startups this summer.

Cechi Shi
Aside from becoming a part-time hunting assistant in Idaho, Tristan is joining a secret startup in Bellevue as a full-stack engineer.

Rashmi Srinivas
In HCDE, Rashmi interned at Concur Tech and Cambia Health Solutions. This summer, she will be working at ESPN as a User Experience Designer.

Tongfang Sun
Samuel Sun, first student who finished Statistics and HCDE double degree in UW history, will go to Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton.

Gail Holly Thynes
Gail is the co-founder of WiUX, a UX Privacy evangelist and designer at Microsoft.  She's grateful for her family's support especially Mark.

Visavakorn Toongtong
Always striving for equilibrium between visual perfection and usability. Korn will be working with Insight Global Bellevue as a UX Designer.

Amy Di Wang
Amy is the first HCDE student to be a part of the Husky 100. She will be joining Cisco in sunny California upon graduation.

Sabrina Weschler
While in HCDE, Sabrina worked in Prof. Munson's DRG. Sabrina will be working for Nordstrom Corporate as a Software Engineer.

Samantha Brooke West
Similar to Obama, Sami will be retiring from her Presidential role and taking some time to acclimate to a civilian position over the Summer.

Xiaochen Yu
Xiaochen enjoyed all the time she engaged in the diverse community of HCDE, and aims to use skills she has gained in HCDE to grow & succeed.

Ankur Agrawal
While in HCDE, Ankur specialized in designing tangible experiences. He has joined UX Innovation Labs at Intel Labs as a UX Designer.

Gary Anderson
For Gary, this interesting & challenging academic journey comes to an end, but brings the promise of even greater adventures in the future. 

Nicholas W. Anderson

Lindsey Ann Arnold

Allan Bathurst

Jerime Jay Bernhardt
In HCDE, Jerime combined his passions for environments and tech in Prof. Davidson's physical computing class and uses that in his job at FreemanXP.

Denise Borges
Denise assisted with several HCDE graduate student association events. She recently started working at IMS Health as a UX Designer. 

Anne E. Burker
While in HCDE, Anne worked as a designer at Wizards of the Coast. Shortly before graduation she became a senior designer at wizards.

Sabina Cao
While in HCDE, Sabina went through a different hair color every quarter and specialized in out-of-the-box protoyping and designing.

Monica R. Caraway
Monica enjoyed concentrating on research and grappling with HCI theory. She looks forward to a summer of travel and time with her family.

Allison C. Chambliss

Lingshuang Chen
Lingshuang designs for the human experience, and she is going to make the world a better place with good design.

Mei Jen Chen

Fang-Ju Chou

Caroline Ann Colon
Caroline plans to go into User Research & UX Strategy and has been working as a Producer for digital products during her 3 years in HCDE.

Nicholas W. Connell
Through this program nick has made friends in reality, and through his love of virtual reality. He is joining BluLink as a Ux Designer.

Yibo Dai

Allison K. Deford
Allie leaves HCDE as a user researcher who is excited to spend her weekends outside instead of in the Design Lab.

Tamika Dennison
Tamika didn't expect to like Seattle. But the great folks of HCDE has made Seattle a second home. Too bad she's moving to Portland for Intel.

Yi Dong
With an enthusiasm in the future of mankind, Ellen joined the machine learning company Dato as a User Experience Designer this spring.

Thuy Thanh Duong
While in HCDE, Thuy was a UX Designer at IBM and an avid bubble tea drinker. She plans on continuing with both roles after graduation.

Amani A. Dye
Amani is a Program Manager in Microsoft Design, where she will continue to be energized by the creative energy of UX and visual designers.

Lukas Georg Eiermann
While at UW Lukas enjoyed TAing for Andy's prototyping classes and working on his startup. He plans to move to SF and work as a UX designer.

Susan Rebecca Evans

John V. Ford

Nicole M. Fugere
Nicole started her MS as an interactive designer and finished as a web project manager, applying the skills she learned along the way.

Alysse N. Gallo
HCDE provided Alysse the skills to design meaningful experiences. She will begin her career as a Product Designer at Workday this summer. 

Michael Joseph Gelon

Siddhartha Gudipati
HCDE taught Sid to be empathic, social, confidant, and "it depends" is the answer for every question. He thanks Prof. Gary Hsieh for everything.

Ryan Que Guloy
Every class Ryan felt surrounded by the best, brightest, and kindess people in the UX field. He hopes to have the same presence at Microsoft.

Karan Gupta
An active GSA member, Karan worked closely with Prof. Gary Hsieh during his time here. Now, he is a UX designer working at GoPro, San Francisco. 

Michael Harding

Sydney A. Hessel
While in HCDE, Sydney became a coffee drinker, late-night QFC shopper, and UX researcher. She's grateful for all of it.

Wenvi Hidayat
Experienced in doing interactive and visual design for American Express, Apple, eBay, etc. She will continue to grow as a Product Designer.

India Irish

Charles G. Johnston

George S. Karalis
From helping seniors on the web to improving access for deaf students, George takes a wealth of knowledge from HCDE to his job at Microsoft.

Saba Hashem Khalil Kawas
Saba worked on research projects with Profs. Kientz & Rosner at HCDE. She will start a PhD at UW iSchool after interning at Microsoft Research this summer.

Kristine M. Kohlhepp
While in HCDE, Kristine explored prototyping by building a data collection robot. She will continue to contract as a UX Researcher at Google.

Kimberly J. Lambert
Kim is grateful for everything she learned, the confidence she built, and all of the friends she made. She is also very grateful to be done.

Sangeun Lee
Sangeun loves Seattle, its nature, coffee, seafood, and awesome people she met at HCDE and is very happy to embark on a new career at Concur.

Yanina O. Levitskaia
After 3 rewarding years with HCDE, Yanina is now a UX Researcher at Amazon helping designers and PM's better understand their customers.

Wenqi Li

Letty M. Limbach
Would like to hugely thank everyone who supported her during the program-her parents, fiance, sister, & friends. You all so totally rock!

Lorelei L. Lin
Lorelei is going to use her degree to make the world a nicer and more delightfully weird place.

Erick Tinyau Lo

Terri Lynn Lovins
Terri's HCDE focus is user research and how it can inform great design. She's now a research scientist for UW CELT where she keeps on learning.

Johanna Lynn

Alex R. Mann
Alex wishes to thank his friends, family, and those along the way who believed in him and helped make this possible--one day at a time.

Kelsey A. Munsell
HCDE achievement unlocked! Kelsey looks forward to rolling with advantage as she pursues her Destiny leveling up in Games User Research.

Sindhuja Narasimhan
A CS geek, Sindhu pursued design for passion. Dreams do come true and she is now a Design Technologist at Amazon. (Cool job title right!)

Gordon W. Patterson
Gordon's art and business background landed him in the enterprise space designing for Apptio and now for Microsoft's B2B platform, Bing Ads.

Melanie Penney
With her capstone team and Intel, Melanie designed features for autonomous vehicles. She is now working as a User Researcher at Anthro-Tech.

Aravind Ravi
With a knack for Interaction Design and development, Aravind is evangelizing research-informed design as a UX Designer at Fresh Consulting.

Amado Guillermo Jr Robancho
Amado is excited to eat and drink his way through foreign lands this summer before joining his new work team in UX strategy and development.

Rebecca M. Scott

Jordan Vincent
With Masters in HCDE and CS, Jordan is trying to bridge the gap between tech and design. He is joining a startup in the bay area this summer.

Brenda L. Weitzer
Thanks to HCDE, Brenda fell in love with analysis, has a crush on interaction design, and works as a user researcher at Anthro-Tech. Wowza!

Tzu-Wen Wu

Xuan Wu
Lucie is ready to stop being broke and start her new job as a UX Designer at IBM in San Francisco.

Kaiyuan Xu

Chen Ye

Ruiyi Zhou
Ruiyi came to UW to enjoy the rainy days in Seattle. After HCDE, he now works at SAP in the bay area.

Toni Ferro
Thesis: Knowledge Worker Communication and Coordination Practices: Surfacing the Social Labor of Knowledge Work

Michael Dean Gilbert
Thesis: Coordination in Commons-Based Peer Production Communities: Evaluation, Analysis, and Design for Emergent Systems

Robert Racadio
Thesis: Task Shifting, Tools, and Tactics: Investigating the Collaborative Practices of Community Health Workers in India

Read more about HCDE's 2016 PhD graduates here »