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Computing for Healthy Living and Learning (CHiLL) Lab

Researchers in the Computing for Healthy Living and Learning (CHiLL) Laboratory design and develop mobile, persuasive, and collaborative technologies that help individuals, families, and teachers record and review their educational and health goals. The CHiLL lab offers students and researchers a workplace where they can design, develop, and test their prototypes.

Some current research topics include:

  • Early detection of developmental delay
  • Technology for special needs classrooms
  • Support for healthy sleep behaviors
  • Empathic interfaces
  • Best practices for record-keeping
  • Acceptability of healthy technologies 

Graduate and undergraduate students from different departments support a variety of research activities in the CHiLL lab, including qualitative formative studies, design activities, technology development, evaluation of novel computing techniques, and empirical studies.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the CHILL lab director, Associate Professor Julie Kientz.