March 4: Quantifying the Initial User Experience

Denise Carlevato

March 2011

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A voluntary customer feedback system called Send a Smile was designed to allow customers the ability to share robust comments and emotions (likes/dislikes) with Microsoft Office during the development cycle. While performing a specific task, customers can simply click the smile to send positive feedback or the frown to send negative feedback. The system automatically registers what task the customer was performing, their opinion of it, and even offers a place for the customer to type a written comment. I’ll explain how we used this system to better understand how products are matching user activities and expectations.

About the Speaker
Denise Carlevato graduated from the HCDE Department (formerly TC Dept) specializing in usability. She founded the Usability Department at Visio Corporation before moving on to Microsoft Corporation. Denise has worked in the Microsoft Office Division for 11 years. She is particularly interested in experimenting with new tools and methods and extending existing toolsets in order to expand upon how we capture UX data.