Google I/O: Creating Positive User Experiences

Matt Shobe and John Zeratsky

January 2011

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Good user experience isn't just about good design. Learn how to create a positive user experience by being fast, open, engaged, surprising, polite, and, well... being yourself. Chock full of examples from the web and beyond, this talk is a practical introduction for people who are passionate about user experience but may not have a background in design.

About the Speakers

Matt Shobe, Human Centered Design & Engineering alumnus, graduated with a Master's of Science in Technical Communication (now called HCDE) in 1996. He is currently working at Google as a User Experience Designer. Matt was Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer—the original "voice of FeedBurner." Matt also maintains an unwavering devotion to the FeedBurner fan club. Matt has also served as a mentor to Seattle-area startups in the 2010 TechStars and Startup Weekend programs.

John Zeratsky is a senior designer at YouTube. John is a senior designer at YouTube in San Bruno, California. Previously he led a user experience team at Google designing advertising products for agencies. John also helped create FeedBurner, the content distribution, audience measurement, and advertising service for web publishers. FeedBurner was acquired by Google in 2007. Outside the office, John is an avid sailor, voracious reader and enthusiastic cook. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Michelle and two crazy cats.