Proto-typing and Testing Tools for SmartPhone Application Design

Joe Welinske

January 2011

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The evolution of the development systems for SmartPhone applications has made it remarkably easy and accessible for students and practitioners to experiment and test designs. The iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Android, Blackberry, and Palm all provide free tools for app development. The tools include graphical SmartPhone emulators which make it possible to conduct usability tests on laptop computers—without the need for help from programmers. This session will include a short demonstration of emulation/testing using the iPhone/iPad development tools. This will be followed by a group discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of using these kinds of tools as well as any other issues of interest to the group.

About the Speaker

Joe Welinske is the president of WritersUA—a company devoted to providing training and information for user assistance professionals. Joe has been involved with software documentation development since 1984. Together with Scott Boggan and David Farkas, Joe authored two editions of the popular and pioneering book Developing Online Help for Windows. He has also taught online Help courses at the University of Washington, UC Santa Cruz, and Bellevue College. Joe was the President of STC Puget Sound Chapter from 2006–2008 and remains on the board in charge of gathering chapter sponsorships. Joe is currently Membership Director for the Puget Sound Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association.

Download the PowerPoint presentation from the talk [PDF, 2 MB]