Recent Value-Sensitive Findings in the Area of Human-Robot Interaction

Nathan Freier

February 2011

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Human-robot interaction (HRI) is an increasingly active field with significant implications for the future of how humans interact with and relate to robotic systems. In this talk, I will review recent work in the field of HRI that speaks directly (and sometimes indirectly) to the impact of robotic design on human ethical values. I will also briefly discuss how specific research and design methodologies can assess and address these value implications in HRI.

About the Speaker
Nathan G. Freier is a user experience researcher at Microsoft in the Office Labs group ( In Office Labs, Nathan drives research programs and represents user needs and interests within a design innovation process that looks to create the next generation of productivity technologies. Nathan has a PhD in Information Science, a BS in Computer Science, and a BA in Comparative History of Ideas, all from the University of Washington.

Download the PowerPoint presentation for this talk [PDF, 1 MB]