How Organizational Cultures Influence Research Method

Erin Schulz

February 2011

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Erin Schulz will present a handful of cases that highlight particular challenges and potential solutions in research method design. The cases represent research done within a variety or organization types (software, hardware, government, etc.). The challenges are mapped to particular organizational characteristics of each organizational culture.

About the Speaker

Erin is a Principal Researcher at LaunchBox. Since 1995 Erin has been researching Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Prior to working with LaunchBox she led a variety of research projects as an employee of Microsoft, Visio and Boeing. She also taught Research Methods (HCDE 516) in the Human Design and Engineering Department at the University of Washington. Her expertise is in research design, quantitative and qualitative analysis, statistical methods, and one-on-one interviews in the lab and in the field.

She has led all aspects of the user-centered design process including gathering user requirements using ethnographic methods, defining user profiles, creating use cases, conducting usability tests, and designing user interfaces.

Erin has a MS in Technical Communication from the College of Engineering, University of Washington. She is a former reviewer for the IEEE Transaction on Professional Communication with a focus on empirical studies.