Safety and Commuting

Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) recommends that you do not distribute your phone number on syllabi or coursework. You may also choose whether you wish to publish your UW email in the UW directory so that students and other faculty can find your contact information.

Counseling and Safety Information

HCDE maintains resources and information regarding counseling services and safety. Please familiarize yourself with our Counseling and Safety Information before teaching.

In addition, UW Safe Campus provides excellent safety resources.

Urgent and Imminent Threats

  1. Call 911.
    During daytime office hours, if the situation does not allow you to dial 911 (e.g., situations where dialing 911 could further increase the chance of violence), contact the HCDE main office (206.543.2567) and ask if "Eva Black" can assist you at your current location. This will signal the department staff to call 911 on your behalf. 
  2. Once safe, call the Violence Prevention and Response Team at 206.685.7233 (206.685.SAFE).
  3. Report the situation to your supervisor or the department administrator.

Potential or Suspected Threats

  1. Call 206.685.7233 (206.685.SAFE) to report the situation to the Violence Prevention and Response Team.
  2. Report the situation to your supervisor or the department administrator.

Parking Options and Rates

UW Facilities and Services provides all the answers to your commuting questions:

Bus Commuting

The University of Washington is well-served by buses. Detailed information, including schedules, stops, and fares can be found on:

Campus Safety at Night

The UW Police provide a service called Husky NightWalk, 206.685.WALK (9255). Uniformed security guards operate 6:00 pm–2:00 am, seven days week.

Canceling class

Classes are not usually canceled except in cases of inclement weather.

Inclement Weather

Always use your best judgment about traveling in inclement and dangerous weather. Pay attention to radio announcements for school cancellations. For information about suspended operations (including inclement weather, emergency situations, public health) go to:

If operations are normal at the school and you cannot get in due to weather please do the following:

  1. Contact your class
  2. Contact HCDE Chair,, and her assistant, 206.221.1666

Personal Emergencies

HCDE strongly discourages the canceling of classes. In the event that you know in advance that it will impossible for you to teach a class, you should make arrangements for someone else to cover your class: for example, you could secure a guest lecturer or offer some alternate learning experience. In the event that something happens unexpectedly, you can contact the HCDE Chair or the Assistant to the Chair to discuss options. Ultimately, however, it is up to you to find a way to address the situation.

If class will be canceled for an unavoidable reason, please respect the students by notifying them in advance (e.g., email) as early as possible.