In Class

Contact HCDE Student Services with any questions about the content of this page.

HCDE Student Rights Policy

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering is dedicated to protecting student rights. Please review the HCDE Student Rights Policy.

Class Lists through myUW

The UW has a web-based system called myUW in which instructors can access a wealth of information about students who are registered in their classes. This system can be used to display the current class list for a course, to download a class to an Excel spreadsheet, or request a class mail list be sent to him/her in a variety of formats.

HCDE Grading Policies

HCDE Grading Policies outline grading practices at UW and HCDE, including how to share grades with students. Grades may not be distributed to students orally in front of other students, by email, or by leaving graded papers in hallways.

Feedback/Complaints from Students

You should always make it clear in the syllabus and in your classroom demeanor that you are available and willing to listen to feedback from students. Goals for the class should be clearly spelled out as well as the means for achieving those goals, student responsibility and instructor expectations. If you want to evaluate how your class is doing at a specific point in time, Catalyst web tools has helpful evaluation resources.

Mid-Quarter Evaluations

If this is the first time you are teaching an HCDE class, you should administer mid-quarter evaluations and collect them in class. You are welcome to administer mid-quarter evaluations every time you teach. Please contact the Department Chair, Julie Kientz, with questions about mid-quarter evaluations.

End-of-Quarter Course Evaluations

The HCDE department requires that all courses be evaluated about two weeks before the end of the quarter by students with forms provided by the Office of Educational Assessment. HCDE Student Services orders course evaluations and delivers them to your HCDE mailbox.

The instructor and TA (or Support Lecturer) may not remain in the class while evaluations are being filled out. Further, the instructor must designate a student to administer and turn in the evaluations at either a UW CAMPUS mailbox (NOT a US Post office mailbox) or at an open office on campus where a UW staff member has access to campus mail.

The HCDE front office has pencils that you can borrow for student use to fill out the evaluations. Please stop by Room 428 in Sieg Hall to check out the pencils.

Plagiarism and Academic Conduct

HCDE adheres to the College of Engineering's and the UW academic misconduct policies with regard to plagiarism. Effective August 18, 2017 an updated Student Conduct Code went into effect. Please review the updated Plagiarism and Academic Conduct Policy.

Students with Disabilities

The UW Disability Services Office (DSO) provides a number of resources for working with students with disabilities:

Guidelines for In-class Presentations by Outside Organizations

A set of guidelines called the Washington Administrative Code for the Use of University Facilities was crafted to help faculty members handle requests by off-campus, for-profit organizations, student groups, and other parties requesting class time to solicit student involvement and personal information.

Classroom Location and Time

For the most up-to-date information, class meeting day(s), time, and location can be found on the time schedule.

If your assigned classroom is not suitable for any reason, please contact the Program Coordinator as soon as possible.

To find your campus, refer to the University of Washington campus map.

Access to Buildings for Evening Classes

UW buildings are open to the public. Each building has open hours posted on all exterior doors. Be sure to check your building hours and understand what you will need to access the building at the time of your class. You will be able to access many buildings (including Sieg Hall) by swiping your Husky Card if you have been granted access. You will need to ask the HCDE front office staff to activate your Husky Card so it will open the Sieg exterior building doors.

Most buildings lock at 9 p.m. during the week. For classes that get out at 10 p.m., everyone should make sure they have all belongings before they leave the building. If someone does get locked out, please contact the UW non-emergency number: 206.543.0507.

Office Hours and Office Space

It is up to each instructor as to whether they will hold office hours and when. Contact the HCDE Office Manager, Jane Skau, with questions about office space.

Classroom Support

For help with classroom equipment or classroom lights, contact UW Classroom Support Services (CSS). Classroom computer and projector cabinets are often locked, and you must obtain a key from Classroom Support Services in person at 206.543.9900 (Kane 035) in order to access them.

Department laptops and LCD projectors are available for check out by instructors for class use. If you would like to check out the equipment, contact the Office Manager or visit HCDE Equipment Resources online.

Classroom schematics and included equipment is also available on the Classroom Support Services website, with photographs of the room. If you find that the room needs to be changed, please contact the Program Assistant as soon as possible. Please also contact the Program Assistant if you have any concerns about your classroom that are not related to classroom equipment or lights.