Department Basics

Contact the Assistant to the Chair with questions about content on this page.

HCDE Pedagogical Philosophy

Core HCDE pedagogical principles.

What is myHCDE?

MyHCDE is the department's intranet and is a central location for many departmental resources. The link to myHCDE can be found in the upper right hand navigation links on all pages of the HCDE website.

Part-time Instructor's/TA Supervision and Assessment Policy

The purpose of the Part-time Instructor or TA Supervision and Assessment Policy is to provide guidance for Lecturers, part‐time, Temporary (LPTTs) and teaching assistants (TAs) who are teaching HCDE courses, establish strong communication between the instructors and the department, and ensure quality instruction.

Where is the HCDE department located? What are the hours?

The HCDE main department offices are located in Room 428 of Sieg Hall. Office hours during the regular academic year (mid-September–mid-June) are 9 a.m.–6 p.m. During the summer, office hours are 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

The building hours for Sieg Hall are from 7:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m. Weekend hours may differ; please ask at the front desk. Outside these hours you will need to swipe your Husky Card to access the building. The front office staff can activate your Husky Card via email or in person.

Who do I go contact for various needs?

Visit the HCDE staff webpages to find staff contact information. See the Staff Profiles page to learn who does what in the department. If confused, the Office Manager is always a good place to start to get your questions answered. Below is information about who to contact for general questions:

  • Contact the Office Manager, Jane Skau, with questions about office assignments, keys, Husky Card programming, access to the building, access to the HCDE lounge and conference room, meeting room or equipment reservations, mailbox locations, supplies, or the copier code.
  • Contact the Program Coordinator,if your classroom is an uncomfortable temperature, if you have concerns about your classroom that are not related to classroom equipment, or if you have questions about class evaluations.
  • Contact the Department Chair, Julie Kientz, with questions about course grading, syllabi, teaching feedback, or mid-quarter evaluations.
  • Contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Alex Llapitan, with question about online grading or the grade change process.
  • Contact the Fiscal Specialist, Allen Lee, with any questions about payroll or getting a UW NetID.
  • Contact the Communications Manager, Leah Pistorius, with any newsworthy outcomes from your class, of if you would like an event added to the HCDE Events Calendar.

When is payday?

Paydays are generally the 10th & 25th of each month. New HCDE employees will need to meet with the HCDE Fiscal Specialist to complete UW payroll documentation. After your appointment is entered into the UW Workday system, employees will receive an email from the fiscal specialist that will include your employee ID number (EID) and instructions on how to set up your UW NetID online.

The UW payroll schedule can be found online, here. Please contact the HCDE Fiscal Specialist with any payroll-related questions.

If you would like to have your paycheck deposited directly to your bank account,

  • Login to Workday
  • Click the 'Pay button' link on the welcome page.
  • Click the 'Payment Elections button' and enter the requested information from your checking account.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the change within 24 hours of updating your Payroll Direct Deposit.

Do I have office space?

Lecturers, part time, Temporary are assigned a shared office space on a quarterly basis. If you have not yet been assigned space, contact the Office Manager.

Do I have a physical mailbox?

All part-time lecturers will have a physical mailbox in the HCDE Lounge on the 4th floor of Sieg Hall (room 422). This is a secure room that can be accessed by your Husky card after hours. Contact the Office Manager with questions.

Where do I get supplies?

The HCDE front office staff can assist you with supplies.

How do I reserve meeting rooms, department equipment, or the educational labs?

To reserve HCDE meetings rooms or equipment, visit the Meeting Rooms and Equipment Resources section of myHCDE.