Washington Administrative Code for the Use of University Facilities

The Washington Administrative Code states the following regarding the use of university facilities:

478-136-030 WAC: (4) University facilities may not be used for private or commercial purposes such as sales, advertising, or promotional activities unless such activities serve an educational purpose, as determined by the appropriate chair of the committee on the use of university facilities; and, (6) Solicitation, or distribution of handbills, pamphlets and similar materials by anyone, whether a member of the university community or of the general public, is not permitted in those areas of campus to which access by the public is restricted or where such solicitation or distribution would significantly impinge upon the primary business being conducted.

According to Volume IV, Part III, Chapter 2, Section 1.A. of the University Handbook, "No person, other than guests approved by the instructor, may take part in a University course in which she or he has not been registered." While we understand that instructors are eager to provide forums for employment and internship opportunities, care must be taken to ensure that presentations come from reputable organizations and do not interfere with student learning.

Please consider the following:

  • Instructors are not obligated to allow presentations in the classroom.
  • Presenters should disclose the group or company they are associated with, why they want to present, and how their presentation is relevant to student learning.
  • Presenters should contact an instructor at least one week in advance of the class period at which they are requesting to speak.
  • Gathering of student information for commercial purposes should not be allowed.
  • Be aware that some students in your class may be compensated by for-profit presenters for asking to use class time.
  • Be aware that these groups sometimes misrepresent their programs as internship opportunities.
  • Instructors are encouraged to ask presenters to finish or excuse themselves from the classroom if any of these guidelines are violated.
  • Please direct any for-profit companies and internship providers to the Career Center.

Any questions regarding these guidelines or requests for assistance in identifying common offenders of them can be directed to Gus Kravas, Administrator of the Use of University Facilities Committee.

These guidelines were approved by the Faculty Council on Academic Standards on November 5, 2010, and drafted in conjunction with the ASUW Director of Faculty, Administration, and Academic Affairs.