HCDE Telework/Remote Work Policies & Procedures

This document describes the expectations around telework/remote work and procedures for HCDE staff employees to request permission to participate in telework. Nothing in this policy nor these procedures should be construed to contradict the University HR Telework policy and process guidelines.

Conducting telework is not at the discretion of the HCDE staff member nor should it simply be a convenience. Telework should serve a clearly defined work purpose aligned with HCDE department goals and objectives. As described in the UW Telework policy and process document there are two types of recognized telework, “Occasional” telework and “Regular” telework. Both types of telework require approval before it may be conducted.

Procedures for Occasional Telework

A request for occasional telework should be requested at least two days before the day(s) that telework would be conducted. A request must be sent in email to the HCDE staff member’s direct supervisor and must contain the following four details:

  1. A short statement describing the need for the occasional telework 
  2. The day(s) and hours that telework will be conducted
  3. A list of the specific work objectives that will be completed during telework
  4. Specific mechanisms of accessibility during telework (e.g., phone, email, etc.)

However, we recognize that sometimes there are situations where telework would be advantageous to the employee and the department, and are beyond the employee’s control, arise with less than two days’ notice (i.e., school closures). In those cases, a late request for telework should be sent to the employee’s direct supervisor as soon as the need is known. In addition to the above list, a late request for telework should include contingency planning for any meetings or other “in-person” work the employee was scheduled for that day. 

Approval of all telework requests are at the discretion of the supervisor. In considering approval the supervisor should consider the frequency of the employee’s occasional telework requests, the success of meeting any prior telework goals and objectives, and the details included in the specific request. All telework requests and the success of stated telework objectives will be considered during the regular annual performance evaluations.

Inclement Weather Telework

In situations when the University shuts down due to inclement weather, telework is allowed without prior approval from a supervisor. If the University is closed for only one day, employees should discuss their telework with their supervisor upon return. If the University is closed for more than one day, employees should email their supervisor with their telework plans, including contingency plans for conducting remote meetings or rescheduling any planned “in-person” work. Approval of telework requests remains at the discretion of the supervisor.

Procedures for Regular Telework

Staff who would like to request a regular telework schedule should first meet with their supervisor so that they can discuss the need for regular telework and some basic parameters for a regular telework agreement. The duration of a regular telework agreement is to be negotiated with the supervisor and can be up to one year in duration. All regular telework agreements will be requested through the employee’s supervisor and documented through the University "Telework Plan and Agreement Form." Regular telework agreements will be reviewed by the HCDE Department Chair and HCDE Department Administrator or Director of Academic Services as determined by supervisory responsibilities. Approvals of any telework agreements will only be given with the consent of the Department Chair.

Regular telework agreements will be reviewed every 6 months; one of those times will be as part of the annual performance evaluations. Renewal of regular telework agreements will be considered during the annual performance evaluation and require an updated “Telework Plan and Agreement Form” which will be considered by the Department Chair and Department Administrator or Director of Academic Services.