Staff Performance Evaluations

Staff performance evaluations occur every spring and are initiated by the Administrator. The information on this page summarizes the general process. Questions should be directed to the Administrator.


  • Each staff member drafts a self-evaluation (before they see the supervisor's evaluation) using the appropriate form (classified or professional).
  • Each supervisor drafts an evaluation of the employee (before they see the employee's self evaluation) using the appropriate form (classified or professional), similar to above.
  • Employee and supervisor then exchange the evals they wrote before they meet in person to have a chance to read it over.
  • Then, the two parties meet in person and discuss what they each wrote. The supervisor can change anything he/she wrote as a result of the conversation. Then, the employee has an opportunity to write any comments they want on the supervisor's (final) evaluation and ultimately they both sign the supervisor's evaluation (which serves as the official evaluation). Both the signed supervisor's evaluation and a copy of the employee's self evaluation get turned in to the Administrator so that the evaluations may be filed.

Who Evaluates Whom?

  • Administrator evaluates Outreach & Events Manager, Office Manager/Faculty Assistant, Computing Manager, Fiscal Specialist, Grants Coordinator, and Grants Manager.
  • Director of Academic Services evaluates Undergraduate Advisor, Graduate Advisor, and Program Coordinator.
  • Chair evaluates Administrator, Chair's Assistant, Communications Manager, and Director of Academic Services.

Supervisors are responsible for contacting employee(s) to arrange the one on one meeting time.