New Employee Health and Safety Orientation

All our new employees, including those that are permanent, temporary, or part-time, must receive instruction for the following:

  • Reporting procedures for fire, police, or medical emergencies;
  • Evacuation procedures during an emergency;
  • Location of fire alarm pull-stations and fire extinguishers (see Sieg Hall floor plan); Employees using fire extinguishers must have previously received training;
  • Procedures and forms for reporting all accidents and incidents to their supervisors and completing a written online report using OARS;
  • Procedures for reporting unsafe conditions or acts to their supervisors, and, when possible, taking action to correct unsafe conditions;
  • Exact location of first-aid kits and identification of first-aid certified employees;
  • Description of UW and departmental Hazard Communication Program;
  • Identification and explanation of all warning signs and labels used in their work area;
  • Use and care of any personal protective equipment they are required to use;
  • Description of safety training they will be required to attend for their job.

Orientation Checklists


Last modified Summer 2016.