First Aid and CPR Access

Quick and effective first-aid for an injured University employee results from the availability of strategically located first-aid kits and first-aid/CPR certified individuals whenever department staff are working. Adequate employee access to these resources is addressed in this section.

a. Department First Aid

Consistent with the UW First Aid Response Plan (APS 10.5), certified first-aid and CPR assistance is currently available to department employees by UW police – phone 911. UW Police provides adequate access to emergency first aid for employees and consequently do not require employee training in First Aid and CPR.

However; HCDE encourages employees to become certified in first aid/CPR, and the following HCDE employees are first-aid/CPR certified (with date expiration):

  • Erin Baker / 685.3465 / 3/12/18

b.   First Aid Kits

Locations of first-aid kits in our department are listed below. First-Aid Kits are inspected periodically so they can be restocked before running out of an item. Stacia Green ( x11666) is responsible for maintaining the first-aid kits.

  • 428 Sieg Hall, above the student assistant desk.
    • 2 kits (9½” x 9½” and 9½” x 7”)
    • Band Aids
  • 223 Sieg Hall, by the front door.
    • 1 kit (9½” x 7”)

    Last modified Summer 2020.