Health & Safety Committee Participation

Health & Safety Committees at three organizational levels help determine unsafe conditions and procedures, suggest corrective measures, and obtain the participation of all UW personnel. At the organizational and University-wide levels, fifty percent (or more) of the representatives are elected by employees and fifty percent (or less) are appointed by management. Safety issues may originate at any level. Health & Safety Committees are required by Washington State regulation (WAC 296-800-14005). A listing of committees and current members may be found at the EH&S web-site: (click on Safety Committees).

a.  Department Health and Safety Teams

Departmental Health & Safety Teams deal with "front line" issues. Large departments may especially benefit from this centralized approach to health and safety issues. In addition to providing a pathway for communication between different sections, committees involve employees in the process of identifying and resolving safety issues. HCDE does not have a formal health and safety committee. Instead, health and safety issues are discussed in staff meetings (see section B.6).

b.  Organizational Health and Safety Committees

The University system is divided into eleven organizational groupings, each one represented by an Organizational Health and Safety Committee. This committee deals with issues the members may have in common but can handle more effectively together. Each elected member represents all organizational units of the group, including their own. Unresolved issues may be referred to this committee from departmental committees. Our department is represented on the Group # 9, College of Engineering Organizational Health & Safety Committee.

c.  University-wide Health and Safety Committee

In addition, to provide consistency and oversight, a University-wide Health and Safety Committee has been established. Its members come from the official organizational committees. Safety issues referred to this level are relevant to the entire University community. Stacia Green ( currently represents us on the Group # 9 Organizational Health & Safety Committee; Sonia Honeydew (, January 2016 – present) is the Group’s chair. Minutes of Group #9's monthly committee meetings can be found here.


Our departmental safety bulletin board is used for posting WISHA posters, safety notices, safety newsletters, safety committee minutes, training schedules, safety posters, accident statistics, and other safety education material. It is located above the copy machine in Sieg Hall, room 422, where all employees, students, and visitors can see it (WAC 296-800-19005).

Documentation and Follow-up

1.  Record-Keeping

To meet State requirements, our department maintains records of safety activities for varying lengths of time depending upon the type of record, and is able to produce them when requested by EH&S or L&I.

HCDE Records created by Health and Safety Plan & Location:

New Employee Safety Orientation

  • Personnel File Cabinet

Employee Safety Training (CPR, First Aid, Earthquake preparedness, etc.)

  • HCDE Office/Fiscal Specialist/Health & Safety Plan
  • Personnel File Cabinet (printed)

Accident/Incident reports

  • Administrator File

Office Inspection dates/forms

  • Health & Safety Binder

Workplace inspection dates/forms

  • Health & Safety Binder

2.   Updates

This Plan is a "living document," it reflects the department's current safety program and its current responsible parties. Periodic updates, at least annually, are necessary to ensure this.