Accident Reporting


a. Medical Emergencies

All medical emergencies must be reported to the nearest Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Our department calls 9-911 or 911 (both reaching UW police) when there is an emergency medical need.

b. Report form to supervisor and EH&S

All accidents and near misses must be reported to the employee's supervisor and EH&S as soon as possible. Near misses are valuable opportunities to correct unsafe situations, which under slightly different circumstances, would result in serious injury. A report may be filled out by the employee, the supervisor, or both, using the On-line Accident Reporting System (OARS).

Copies of HCDE's completed forms are distributed to Erin Baker, Administrator. Forms are retained at HCDE for 3 years, and at EH&S for ten years.

c. Investigation

All accidents and near accidents must be investigated by the supervisor who then summarizes the details and corrective measures in the above report. EH&S and the department's organizational safety committee (Group 9) review the report. Assistance from EH&S is available by calling 543-7388.

Safety Problems: Reporting and Resolving

Employees are encouraged to report safety concerns to their supervisor. If employees do not feel they can do this, or have done so and do not feel the problem has been resolved, they may discuss the situation directly with their safety coordinator or safety committee representative. Assistance from EH&S is available, if needed, to resolve a problem. Safety problems may be reported online using OARS as you do for accidents/incidents.

Safety discussions are standing items at monthly faculty and staff meetings. Minutes of COE Group 9 Safety meetings can be found here.

Read the 6 Keys of Accident/Illness Prevention and HCDE’s Job Hazard Analysis.