Front Office Handbook

Daily Duties


Phone calls should be answered in the following general format: ‘HCDE, this is (your name).’

On-campus phone calls

  • Last 5 digits of the phone number (aka extension number)
  • Can also dial as a local call 

Local and long-distance phone calls

  1. Press 9
  2. Dial the area code (425 or 206) or 1 + the area code, and rest of the phone number


  1. Check to see if there is a red light at the top of the phone
  2. If red light is on, press messages button (above the red hold button & has an envelope logo)
  3. Enter the security code (040111)
  4. Follow the prompts to retrieve messages
    1. Press 1 to hear new messages
    2. Press 4 to save messages
    3. Press 7 to delete messages


  1. Tell the person on the other line to “Please hold while I transfer you”
  2. Press the transfer button (located next to the ‘3’)
  3. Dial the 5 digit extension number you wish to reach (will be the bolded last 5 digits on the department contact sheet)
  4. Press Transfer button again


  1. Tell the person on the other line to “Please hold”
  2. Press hold button (red button with a telephone)
  3. To take the call off hold, push the button next to the line on the screen that the caller is on 


The student assistant will be in charge of monitoring the email through Microsoft Outlook.

HCDEhelp is the main front office general email account. Department students, faculty, and staff send front office-related requests to the HCDEhelp email account. This includes, but is not limited to: room reservation requests, general office questions, specific work requests for student assistants, and the hcde-staff mailing list.

Additionally, if people are unsure of who to contact in the department about something, they should contact HCDEhelp, and you should route their email to the appropriate person.

Advisor Appointments

Appointments with the advisors can be made through the phone, email, and in-person. Generally, all students will have 20 minute appointments with the Undergraduate Advisor or 30 minute appointments with the Graduate Advisor; drop-in times are generally not available, however may be excused in cases of signatures or urgent matters. All appointment scheduling will be done in the respective Advisor calendars through Microsoft Outlook

First, last name, student ID number (if current UW student), major status (labels available through ‘categorize’ button on Outlook), email or phone number will need to be entered when scheduling an appointment.

If students are asking to meet with Alex LlapitanSenior Academic Counselor (undergraduate):


  • Please first refer them to resources available online for undergraduates (check hcdehelp sent items for an example email), including any upcoming bachelor’s information sessions (
  • If they still have unanswered questions, schedule them for a 20-minute slot during the segments of Alex’s calendar labeled “drop-in” (despite the label, appointments are still strongly recommended and fill up fast).


  • Please first refer them to the advising hours available for the week; timeslots restricted to current students will be blocked out in gray.
  • If they can’t make one of those timeslots, please schedule them during any open “drop-in hours” appointments, then ask Alex if can shift times.

If students only have a few specific questions, please refer them to email Alex (alex310@uw.eduwith their questions.

If students are asking to meet with Kathleen Rascon, the Academic Services Manager (graduate):

  • Please ask students for their first and last name along with their student ID number, major status, email or telephone number.
  • Please include a brief synopsis about their questions so Kathleen can prepare.
  • Phone appointments are also available to students, and may also be preferred; in phone appointments, flag both the status of the student and mark as a “phone call,” and whether Pat is phoning the student or vice versa.
  • Schedule them grouped together during Kathleen's grayed out advising times.

Advising check-in

If students are here for scheduled appointments or for drop-ins, please have them fill in the front-desk computer to check-in.

To log into the computer, the username is “.\hcde” with no password.

The advising check-in form shortcut is on the desktop as a chrome application.

Label tapes*:

General name labels: use the 12mm 0.47” Black-ink, white-sheet laminated tapes

TA name labels: use the 12mm 0.47” Red-ink, white sheet laminated tapes

*refer to the ‘label maker’ section below for instructions on use 

Label maker

The label maker is located at the HCDE Front Desk. Different label tapes can be found in the drawer by the main office computer; label tapes differ in size and in ink color for printing.

Please remember to check which tape has been inserted into the label maker before printing. Tapes that have been used, but are not empty should be located into the pink box in the main office drawer.

Labels can either be made through the label maker directly or through the P-touch software on the front office computer.

To locate the P-touch software:

  1. Go to start menu
  2. Search for “ptouch”
  3. The “P-Touch Editor 5.1” application should appear


Water cooler for the main office may need to be replaced whenever it becomes empty. Water also needs to be replaced in the student lounge (422), though the Office Manager usually does this. It may be easier transferring the water jugs by placing them on the rolling chairs from the main office or the lounge, or using the flatbed cart in the storage closet by the elevators.

Extra water bottles are located in the storage closet by the elevators.

Coffee Preparation

Daily Use

The Keurig will be for daily use. Make sure that the Keurig water is filled, or re-fill it with cold water from the water cooler. The k-cups drawer should also be re-filled with k-cups every day. Please also refill any creamer, stirring straws, cups, napkins, and sugars on a daily basis.  

**please let the Office Manager know to order more supplies if out or almost out.

Special Events

The coffee pot should be used for larger events or meetings and will need to be prepared with coffee grounds. Put five scoops of coffee grounds and 12 cups of water into the coffee maker.

The tin coffee container should be refilled. Extra bags of the coffee grounds can be found on the counter or in the cabinet storage. 

Clean out the coffee pot and filter, and any coffee urns used.

General Office

The office should be picked up daily, including the main office, department lounge, conference room, supply room. Be sure to close any open windows in case of rain and to prevent anything from coming in during the night.

Lock Up

The Conference Room and Department Lounge are to be closed at 4:00 pm and front office door should be closed at 5:00 pm. The front office desk drawers should also locked before leaving for the day.

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Weekly Duties

Google Calendar Schedules

Each Monday morning of the week, the weekly calendars need to be printed out and posted:

  • The HCDE Equipment Reservations calendar should be posted on the door of the equipment cabinet.
  • The HCDE Large Conference Room calendar should be posted outside the Large Conference Room (Sieg 420).
  • The HCDE Small Conference Room calendar should be posted outside the Small Conference Room (Sieg 427).
  • The HCDE 314 conference room calendar should be posted outside the 314 conference room (Sieg 314).
  • The HCDE Design Lab calendar should be posted outside the Design Lab (Sieg 233).


All office supplies, including printer cartridges and paper, should be checked, and more ordered if the office is running low.

Paper supplies for printers in 428 & 431 should also be checked and re-stocked if needed.


The recycling bins at the front desk should be emptied (not in individual offices). Do not fill recycling bags to more than 30 lbs. Any additional recycling should be taken to the dumpsters behind Guggenheim Hall.

Bulletin Boards

Maintain bulletin boards in the hallway. Old information should be taken down or replaced with updated information.


Maintain the brochure display in the hallway. Straighten and restock brochures.

HCDE Folder Kits

Check on supply of folder kits and restock if needed.


Do a walk-through of the department lounge to straighten up and make sure the area is cleaned and organized.

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Quarterly Duties

Contact Sheets

New contact information sheets should be made for the TA's, RA's, and Part-Time Instructors. Contact sheets should be posted at the front desk. The contact sheets can be found on the server:

T:\TCOffice\Administration\Student Assistants\Contact Information Sheets and Schedules

231/333 Signs

Post new HCDE 231/333 policy signs. Signs should be posted in these locations:

Sieg Hall

  • Outside of the HCDE front office
  • HCDE bulletin boards
  • Send at least 3+ to the Advisers of each engineering department:
    • AA—Marlo Anderson
    • CSE—Crystal Eney
    • EE—Brenda Larson
    • ME—Matthew Wanderski
    • MSE—Kathy Elkins
    • ChemE—Dave Drischell
    • BioE—Kelli Jayn Nichols
    • IE—Jennifer Wallace
    • Civil—Mariko Navin
    • EADC—Scott Winter

Copy Codes

There is one, permanent, four digit copy code for staff and faculty, and one temporary copy code for part-time lecturers, visiting faculty, RA's, and TA's that should change at the beginning of each quarter. Contact the Office Manager, Computing Manager, or access to change the copy codes.


Make mailboxes for all new part-time instructors, RA's, and TA's, and remove ones that are not currently teaching. In the autumn, make new mailboxes for all new PhD students and TA's. Remove old graduate students' mailboxes.

Keys and Key Database Maintenance

At the end of each quarter, TA's, RA's, and PTL's who are ending their appointment need to be notified that their keys should be returned to the front desk. Any keys that have not been returned by people who are no longer with the department should be reported to the administrator, so they are charged appropriately.

When keys are returned, it should be notated in the Salesforce database, on the individual's record.

Incoming instructors, TA's, and RA's will need to be issued keys. They are required to sign a key contract form, which is located at the front desk. Once keys are issued, it needs to be notated in the Salesforce database, on the individual's record.

Space Management

When, TA's, RA's, and PTL's who are ending their appointment need to be notified at the end of each quarter, they will also need to know that their cubicle space needs to be emptied and ready for the incoming individual who will be using the space.

Each cubicle should have a nameplate posted with the occupant's name, title, and email before they arrive to begin the quarter.

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Keys Database

Keys will be checked out by staff, faculty and visiting guest researchers/lecturers. All keys are located in the cabinet in SIG 428A. A key directory sheet has been posted on the key cabinet to identify which keys are which.

** Multiple key inventory and databases will need to be updated every time a key is being checked out or in, so please make sure to update all of them.

Key binder

The key binder is located at the Front Desk by the Front Desk Manual Binder.

Anyone checking out keys will be required to fill out a key checkout form. Checkout forms are then sorted by the last name. Please check the binder for any previous checkout forms filled out by the same person before filling out a new form.

Key database & inventory

The excel key database has three different tabs including:

  1. ‘Cabinet Keys’ – these are the keys that are actually in the cabinet. Please cut the exact key numbers if keys are being checked out and paste it into checked out keys. Add the key number back into this section if keys are being turned back in.
  2. ‘Checked out Keys’ – these are the keys that have been checked out to people. Please fill in all the information. If keys are being returned, please fill in the “date returned” column.
  3. ‘Master Key List’ – this is just a list of all the keys. Update is only necessary if new keys for new rooms have been ordered.

Location of key inventory database: T: drive > Administration > Student Assistants > Key Inventory_Updated.xls

HCDE Jobs and Internship Database

Information on posting jobs and internships is available at:

The internship database does not accept any HTML, so if you receive an internship posting via email, you can clear the formatting by copying and pasting into a Word document, and then clearing the formatting, or you can use "notepad," which doesn't allow formatting automatically.

Always try to have a contact name, e-mail, and phone number for an internship posting, as those fields are required. Be resourceful and contact whoever the internship was sent to us from to get this information, but if no contact information is available, it is alright to put "N/A," "000-000-0000," and "" in the relevant fields.

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Main office

The black & white HP Laserjet printer is located in the main office. The black & white printer is available to all staff and faculty, and is also the default printer.

Color Printer

The HP color printer is located in the HCDE Sieg Hall Rm. 422A, and is hooked up to the student assistant's computer. This printer is networked to only a few computers, so if people need to print in color, they need to email the document to Limit color printing use to staff and faculty. 

The color printer is not very cost-effective, so for large color jobs, or for high quality jobs, please use campus copy services.


Supply of catridges are handled by the HCDE Office Manager. Please contact the HCDE Office Manager if cartridges are running low. 

Faculty and Staff may request catridge supplies for labs. A list of the most commonly requested catridges is saved in the Student Assistant Folder: T:\Administration\Student_Assistants


Ricoh support number: 1-888-456-6457.

Copy Codes

The student TA/RA copy code will be changed quarterly. This is generally done by the HCDE Office Manager or the Computing Manager. It can also be done via the MyRicoh website, whose login information is stored in the Front Office Handbook.


Call the Ricoh support number. Give them the serial number listed in the Front Desk Handbook, and instructions for the technician to come to the main office first. Try to be as descriptive as possible about the problem.

Always try restarting the copy machine before you call for a tech. Leave the machine off for at least 15 seconds, and then restart. If the machine is still not working, call for a tech.


Supplies can be ordered via the MyRicoh website. The login information is stored in the Front Desk Handbook. Per our contract agreement with Ricoh, all supplies are presently free (toners, staples, etc.). If paper needs to be ordered, inform the HCDE Office Manager. Extra supplies are stored near the copier in the student lounge.


The Brother P-touch machine is useful for making labels for files, divider tabs, and other things. It can be hooked up to a computer, and labels can be made using the Brother P-touch editor program.

There are two different sizes of tape, 1/2"; or 1", and a variety of colors. Extra tape can be found in the red pencil box in the corner cabinet of the front desk.

Checking Out HCDE Equipment

Equipment Reservation

Equipment reservation may be requested through the online request form. Equipment check-outs are limited to current HCDE students, staff and faculty, however exceptions may be made for non-HCDE students taking HCDE classes.

Steps to equipment reservation include:

  1. Students will have to use their UW NetID and log onto
  2. Students should click the desired equipment, or use the resource filter bar on the left to narrow the search toc certain equipment categories
  3. To reserve the equipment for a period of time, students may either click the equipment name and enter date/time OR drag across the times on the calendar as it turns green (unavailable equipment will be shown as blue on the calendar)
  4. A pop-up message with a green checkmark will indicate a successful reservation

If the student receives an error message for the length of the reservation, consult the office manager on the time allowed, then follow the steps to reserve the equipment through the back-end:

Steps to making a reservation for students from the back-end

  1. Log-in with the HCDE Help UW Net ID
  2. Click on the “Create Reservation” button to the right of the desired equipment
  3. Change the checkout user to the student requesting equipment by clicking “change” and then “all users” to see the list of student IDs 
  4. If student wishes to reserve more than one item, click “more resources” to select multiple equipment for checkout 
  5. Select the begin and end date/time for the reservation and “create” the reservation
  6. A pop-up message with a green checkmark will indicate a successful reservation

Equipment check-out and return

Check to make sure all labeled components are included with the equipment upon return. If not, the student will need to retrieve.

Students will have to have reserved the equipment online. There is an equipment reservation shortcut on the desktop as a chrome application. Be sure they close out of the browser when they are done making their reservation.

(To log into the computer, the username is “.\hcdehelp” with no password.)

Ask for their requested equipment and check the online scheduler for their requested equipment pieces.

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Room reservations and catering

Room reservation requested through the online request form, email, through the phone, or in-person will need to be recorded in the respective Google Calendars for each room.

**Please refer to the ‘Room Reservations Cheat Sheet’ located on the wall by the main Front Desk computer, for specific details and reservation policies of each room

note that the Design Lab (233) and Active Learning Room (232) can only be reserved during the school year for bigger, department-wide events that are open to HCDE students, or for classes.

Door/card programming for any weekend or after-office hour reservations. All requests by students (who are not LPTT/TA and do not already have access codes) will need to be emailed to the Office Manager for programming:

Active Learning Classroom (232), Design Lab (233) & Small Conference Room (427) will be card programming with CAAMS | Office Manager checks calendar weekly to program doors; email them if reservation is within the same week.

314 & 420 are accessible via keypad codes – check Front Desk Reference Numbers, below

Reservations for the week should be printed and posted for the following conference rooms. This can be done by isolating each room calendar and then printing the calendar in landscape, black and white format:

  • Large Conference Room (420)
  • Small Conference Room (427)
  • Conference Room 314
  • Design Lab (233)
  • Active Learning Classroom (232)
  • Classroom 128

Recurring Reservations: Any Faculty meetings, classes, DRGs, or Faculty lab meetings will hold priority in the beginning of each quarter for room reservations.

Room reservations by HCDE students, staff and faculty can be done in the following ways:


There are UW options for catering, as well as off-campus options that the department has used in the past.

UW Catering

Bay Laurel catering is the UW catering company. Information can be found at their website:

While Bay Laurel can be more expensive than other catering options, the convenience of it often makes it the best option.

There are many "ready made" options available from Bay Laurel, but you may also create your own combination or make substitutions to the already created combinations. Work with a catering coordinator to find the right combination.

As with all catering, the caterers will judge high on the amount of food you need. If you need to feed 40 people, tell the caterer you need to feed 25–30 people. Find out exactly how much food comes with each option (i.e., how many cookies on a cookie platter), and make your own judgment about how much food you think you will need.

Pagliacci Pizza

Pagliacci is not a UW company, but is on campus. UW departments get a discount (no tax charged) if you pay with a budget number. They are very convenient, and orders can be placed the day of if necessary (but it is best to place orders the day before you need it, and then confirm the day of).

Call (206) 726-1717 to order.

Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's is a good option for sub platters. A large platter costs $45 and is enough food for 15-20 people (even though they say it only feeds 10). They also have cookie platters and other options.

Call (206) 548-9500 to order.

Gretchen's Shoebox Express

Gretchen's also offers box lunches and party platters:

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Incoming mail arrives around 11AM in Sieg 121, and should be distributed to mailboxes both in the Front Office (428) and the student lounge (422).

Outgoing mail will be placed into the inbox (US Mail or Campus) located on the front desk in the Front Office (428). Mail will need to be taken down to Sieg 121 at the end of the day around 5pm.

Sending mail

Regular, #10 HCDE-addressed regular envelopes (4 1/8 x 9 ½ ) and bigger (9 x 12) are located in the cabinet above the main office computer; these envelopes already have the letter head and postage paid for. There are also blank package envelopes in the cabinet as well.

Address labels can be found in the same cabinet. Address label templates can be found in
T: drive > Administration > Student Assistants > Templates > Avery Nametag template*

*please match the Avery # on the box to the document name


Mailboxes are located in the HCDE Front Office (428) for faculty/staff, and in the student lounge (422) for PhD students and part-time lecturers. Mailboxes may need to be updated every quarter for lecturers, or whenever there are changes to the staff, faculty, and/or PhD students.

Mailbox updating only requires alphabetizing by last names, and/or printing of new label names. TA’s (generally PhD students) should have their mailbox names in red letters.

Mailboxes in the student lounge should be organized with PhD students on the left 3 columns and part-time lecturers on the right-most column.

Mailboxes in the main office should be organized in alphabetical order by last name.

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Office Cleanliness

The office should be picked up on both a daily and weekly basis. Things should be tidied daily, with a larger clean weekly.

Office spaces that need to be picked up are:

  • The lounge (including the fridge weekly)
  • The coffee area (including the fridge weekly)
  • The supply room
  • The mail box areas (both the main one, and the grad student one)
  • The brochure display
  • Anything else in the main office!

HCDE Bulletin Boards

The main HCDE bulletin board should be checked daily, and any old fliers or posters should be taken down to keep the board as updated as possible.

Fliers can be posted on the doors/entrances throughout the building as well as all the following bulletin boards:

  • Student lounge
  • HCDE main board
  • Second floor bulletin board
  • First floor bulletin board

Info session flier posting

For information sessions, fliers will need to be posted:

  • double sided on the three building entrances/doors
  • Main office (428) door
  • Fourth floor doors on the outside
  • Second floor doors
  • Sieg 233 (or the location of the information session)
  • First floor elevator wall

For other flier posting (consult the Communications Manager as well)

  • Include all the above
  • Inside elevator
  • Both sides of doors on every floor
  • Bulletin boards (listed above)

Contact Sheet

The contact sheets should be updated if any new faculty or staff are entering the department; the contact sheet should include their name, title, office, phone and email. Contact sheet should also be updated if any room changes occur.

Contact sheets will need to be printed in a different color every time, and enough copies to be distributed into all faculty and staff mailboxes should be printed as well.

Location of contact sheet template is:
T: drive > Administration > Student Assistants > Contact Information and Reference Sheets > HCDE Employee contact sheet.docx

Recycling and Composting

There are two recycling boxes – one at the front desk and one below the main office printers – that need to be taken out almost daily, or whenever they are full. All recycling in those boxes will need to be emptied in the larger recycling bins/bags located in the hallways/lounge of the fourth floor.

Recycling Used Printer Cartridges 

Information on how to recycle used printer cartridges can be found online:

You have to request a pickup for used printer cartridges, and UW Recycling prefers that there are at least 7–10 cartridges in each pickup.

The department stores used cartridges in the supply closet in between pick ups.

Printers & Copier

Daily duties include checking whether the two printers in the main office and the copier in the student lounge (422) have paper and ink.

If the printers do not have ink, please find the toner for the two main office printers in the storage closet and the toner for the copier next to copier in the student lounge.


Printers and copiers should be checked for paper. The cabinet below the two office printers should be stocked with 2-3 reams of paper.

The office printers should be checked and filled every 2-3 days. The Student Lounge (422) copier/printer will also need to be checked weekly to ensure that it is filled with paper.

Paper can be found in the large cabinet in the student lounge (422). The keys to the cabinet will be located in the main office drawer. If the paper stock is running low, let the Office Manager know to order more. Paper will be delivered to the Front desk, but will need to be placed into the cabinet in the student lounge. 

Recycling used printer cartridges

Old/used printer cartridges should be placed under table of the main office printers.

You have to then request a pickup for used printer cartridges, and UW Recycling prefers that there are at least 7–10 cartridges in each pickup.

Information on how to recycle used printer cartridges can be found online:


The student lounge copier has printing, copying and scanning capabilities.

Copying will require the copier code. The staff & faculty code is 4040.

If PTL/TA/RA ask for the code, please refer to the temporary quarterly code on the Front Desk Reference Numbers sheet. 

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Office Supplies

Automatic Delivery of Water

Water for the water coolers is delivered automatically every two weeks. It is delivered to the HCDE student lounge.

Empty bottles are picked up by the delivery person and should be stored in the lounge.

If there are any questions regarding water delivery, please contact the HCDE Fiscal Specialist.

IMPORTANT: The water bottles are very heavy, but not very sturdy and can break if they land on their edge, even if only from a few inches. This will cause a flood of water everywhere. This has happened twice now, so use caution when moving full water bottles.

Ordering Office Supplies

Office supplies should be checked and re-ordered through the campus e-procurement system. Office Depot is one of the vendors on the e-procurement site, and they offer free, next day deliver. If any supplies are getting low, please contact the HCDE Office Manager.

Supplies include:

  • All the general office supplies in the supply room
  • Printer cartridges: There should be at least one extra printer cartridge for each kind of printer on hand.
  • Paper
  • Kitchen supplies: Kitchen supplies are cheaper from places such as Costco. Coordinate with another staff member to see if they will be making a trip, and add whatever kitchen supplies you need to their list. If no one is going to Costco, order from Quill.
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Tissue and paper towels
  • Coffee and creamer

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UW Services

Custodial Services

Custodial services are in the building every morning from around 9-11am if custodial assistance is needed during this time. If assistance is needed after the custodial services leave the building, please call the following lines. For assistance in any other areas, please refer to the Front Desk Reference Numbers guide for specific phone extensions.

Extension codes:

  • Custodial: 5-1500
  • Police (non-emergency): 5-1411
  • Facilities (Janelle): 5-8814

Facilities Services

Facilities Services takes care of things such as the heat, lights, and installing shelving, bulletin boards, key board trays, etc.

If you are submitting a work order, use FS WORKS:

Review the HCDE Front Desk Manual Binder for step-by-step instructions on logging in and filing a work order.

In an emergency, call the facilities emergency line at: (206) 685-1411

Emergencies include:

  • Elevator malfunction
  • Lights out in offices, hallways or stairwells
  • Entrance door locked during operating hours
  • Plumbing issues

Make sure to be very specific about what needs to be done in your work request. If you are requesting a key board tray in a room that has 2 desks in it, make sure to label the specific desk that needs it. If a white board needs to go in a specific place, label the wall.

Put yourself or the main office as the contact. There is no need for the person having the work done to have to be in their office when the work takes place (unless they want to). Make sure that they know this. You, or another staff member can open the office, and give the facilities person instructions.

You may not know exactly when the facilities person will come. Make sure that other staff members know about the job, and have a print out of the work request available for others to reference. Please inform the Office Manager of any work orders that you submit.

Ordering Keys

If the department is out of keys for a building or office, fill out the key request form (located in the student assistant desk files).

Only those authorized to request keys may sign the form. Ask the administrator who is authorized to request keys.

Moving Services

To request Moving Services, fill out the online request form:

Moving Tips

You can request a specific date and time for the move to take place. However, the date/time requested will probably not happen due to Moving Services schedules, unless you are making the request well in advance.

Try to schedule jobs in the morning if possible, or be aware that jobs scheduled in the afternoon will probably be late.

When scheduling moves, it is easiest to put yourself as the contact person, even if the move is taking place in another building or another office. Put a special note in the request for where exactly the movers should go to gain access to space. Be sure to request that the move does not begin until after you, or someone else, will be in the office (8–9 AM). Make sure other staff in the office know about the move, especially if you will not be there.

When scheduling jobs, make sure that all people involved know what is happening, and what they are responsible for. Any staff can let the movers into offices, so the owner of the office being moved does not need to be present during the move, unless they want to be.

Make sure to label everything! Label each piece being moved with the appropriate job number. If some furniture/equipment is being moved and some is not, be very clear about what stays and what goes.

The department is charged for each time the movers come, so try to combines jobs. Make sure to indicate that the jobs are combined, including jobs numbers and how many total jobs you are submitting. Make a request that the moves be scheduled together. If they are not scheduled together at first, the move time can be changed, just contact Moving Services.

Parking Vouchers

Parking vouchers will be kept in the drawer by the second office computer in a red folder labeled ‘Validation Parking Coupon.’ These parking vouchers can be requested by staff and faculty only for guests. The form will need to be filled out indicating who requested the voucher, the number of vouchers, date and reason of request. 


UW employees are paid on the 10th and the 25th of each month. If either of those days falls on a Saturday or holiday then payments are made the day prior. If payday falls on a Sunday, payments are made the next day.

There are two pay periods per month: Days 1–15 and Days 16–Last Day of the Month. Payments made on the 25th are for the first 15 days of the same month, and payments made on the 10th are for the last 15 days of the previous month.

When asked to pick up payroll, the Fiscal Specialist will give you a large clear envelope containing our department PUC code (lime-green card) along with a map of where to go (Staff Services building :

After entering the building, present them with the lime-green card with our PUC code on it, and they will give you a folder with the payroll items in them. While they are looking for our folder, sign off your name next to our number to ensure that you have indeed received the payroll items. After receiving the folder, empty its contents into the large clear envelope and return the folder.

Give the clear envelope now containing, payroll items, PUC code, and map back to the Fiscal Specialist.

Petty Cash

Petty cash is located in Schmitz Hall, Room 129. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM–5:00 PM.

You must bring your UW ID to pick up petty cash.

Make sure that there is a copy of the form with the fiscal specialist. The form must have a listed PC number, any blank item boxes should be crossed off, and the form should be signed and dated. Any receipts must be taped on all four sides.

Return petty cash to fiscal specialist for distribution.


To surplus departmental equipment, fill out the online request form:

If any equipment being surplussed has a UW tag (purple/white/silver), you need to fill out a 1024 form. This is also on the website. To fill out the 1024 form, you need the UW tag number, as well as the serial number (if available). If a 1024 form is completed, a copy of the form should be given to the fiscal specialist.

Surplus Tips

You will receive 2 job numbers for your surplus job, one from Surplus, and one from Moving Services.

If you need to reschedule a pick-up, make sure to contact Moving Services as well as Surplus.

You will need to label everything with the Surplus job number, and with the item number surplus assigns (e.g., 62344-1).

Surplus pick-ups can be combined with other surplus pick-ups, as well as other moving jobs. Fill out a new request form for each location/destination. Make sure to indicate that the jobs are combined, including jobs numbers and how many total jobs you are submitting. Make a request that the surplus pick-ups/moves be scheduled together. If they are not scheduled together at first, the move time can be changed, just contact Moving Services.

When scheduling a surplus pick-up, it is easiest to put yourself as the contact person, even if the pick-up is taking place in another building or another office. Put a special note in the request for where exactly the movers should go to gain access to space. Be sure to request that the pick-up does not begin until after you, or someone else, will be in the office (8:00–9:00 AM). Make sure other staff in the office know about the pick-up, especially if you will not be there.

Updated May 2016

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