Sabbatical Information

Each year, the College of Engineering (COE) is allocated a limited number of quarters of Professional Leave with Pay (aka sabbatical). Faculty members who meet certain eligibility criteria (described below) may apply for this leave annually each fall quarter.

A faculty member who wishes to apply for a sabbatical will prepare an application dossier and forward it to the HCDE Chair and Assistant to the Chair.

The Chair will review the application and prepare a cover letter citing their independent recommendation related to the leave. The entire package will be submitted to the Dean.

The application and Chair's letter will be reviewed by the Dean, who will then submit a recommendation to the President. The Board of Regents have final authority to grant leave upon recommendation from the President.

Faculty members are generally notified of their sabbatical award status during winter quarter.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Faculty are eligible for a sabbatical no earlier than the seventh year of service to the University or no earlier than the seventh year after return from a previous sabbatical.
  • Faculty are encouraged to contact the Dean's Office, UW Academic Human Resources, or the Assistant to the Chair of HCDE for assistance in determining their eligibility for a sabbatical.
  • Assistant Professors are not eligible for paid professional leave until they have been reviewed and approved for tenure/promotion.

Applications for a sabbatical are accepted by the COE annually during fall quarter. Applications should be submitted at least 9 months in advance of the date of the proposed leave.

For more detailed information about what to include in your sabbatical request, please refer to the step-by-step process on the COE Faculty Resources web page.