HCDE Faculty Awards Committee Guidelines

The HCDE Faculty Awards Committee has designed the process outlined below for HCDE faculty to self-nominate or have others in the department nominate them for three types of UW and COE awards:

The committee exists to ensure department-level formal recognition for HCDE faculty who are candidates for the UW Distinguished Teaching Awards, COE Community of Innovator Teaching and Research Awards, and UW Marsha L. Landolt Grad Mentoring Award. Award nominations for Teaching Assistants are not under the purview of this committee.

The committee envisions the following process:

  1. The HCDE faculty member decides to seek an award under one of the three award categories listed above. (Perhaps the person is nominated by the HCDE chair or someone else or perhaps the person self-identifies and solicits a nomination.)
  2. The candidate assembles the full package for the award, following the guidelines for the specific award sought.
  3. Three weeks before the award deadline, the candidate submits the package to the HCDE Awards Committee members.
  4. The HCDE committee reviews the package and, if appropriate, decides to award the candidate a corresponding HCDE award, so that the candidate has formal recognition regardless of the fate of the COE or UW nomination. (It is also possible that in some years there would be no HCDE-level award.)
  5. The HCDE awards committee writes an award letter to the successful candidate. Possibly, the committee will also provide feedback about how to strengthen the nomination package.
  6. The HCDE committee also submits the nomination packet back to the candidate and the HCDE Chair for submission of the packet to the COE or UW by the COE and UW deadlines.