Meeting Room and Equipment Resources

Resources include Google calendar reservations, computer lab software, department meetings schedule, and the LUTE calendar.

Communication and Branding Resources

Resources include style and branding guidelines, logo files, powerpoint template files, recruitment files and publications, email lists, and business card ordering form.

Teaching Resources

Resources include the part-time instructor's handbook, mid-quarter evaluation form, syllabus archive, TA/RA job description archives, faculty codes, and time schedule archives.

Health and Safety Resources

Resources related to health and safety, including counseling and safety information, HCDE's health and safety plan, and safety committee minutes from the College of Engineering and the University of Washington.

Curriculum Committee Resources

Resources include curriculum committee materials, DocuSystem, resources related to the current quarter, course expertise pools, forms for 498/598, course change, and new courses, 521 procedures, minimum class size policy, and the UWTC PhD proposal from 2001.

Faculty Resources

Resources include faculty and chair's advisory board (CAB) meeting agendas and minutes, committee assignments, peer and merit review process, promotion and tenure information, policies and procedures, PhD progression chart, Human Subjects Handbook, sponsored projects resources, 10-year review documents, and resources related to grading.

Fiscal Resources

Resources include travel resources; policies and procedures related to meals, light refreshments, purchasing, and reimbursement; perjury statement form.

Front Office Handbook

Resources relate to all aspects of front office duties and responsibilities, including information about equipment, events/space, mail, supplies, general office administration, and UW services.

Space Resources

Resources include HCDE's space policy and the UW space inventory management system.

Staff Resources

Resources include Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) information, instructions for programming Husky cards, staff meeting agendas, performance evaluations, professional development, resources for student services, jobs administration, Washington state employee tuition exemption information, and admissions/enrollment data.