Meeting Room and Equipment Resources

HCDE community members can reserve common rooms, such as conference rooms, and check-out equipment for learning or research

HCDE Branding & Communication Resources

Access style and branding guidelines, logo files, slide template files, and business cards.

Health and Safety Resources

Resources related HCDE's health and safety plans, evacuation plans, and where to go and what to do if you need help.

Faculty-Specific Resources

Resources relevant to HCDE's full-time faculty, including tenure-track and teaching track professors.

Staff-Specific Resources

Resources relevant to staff, including performance evaluations, professional development, resources for student services, and job descriptions and duties.

Committee Assignments & Resources

Faculty and staff committee assignments and service roles for the current academic year.

Fiscal Resources

Information on travel resources, meals and light refreshments, purchasing, reimbursement, and perjury statement form.

Teaching Resources

Information relevant to all aspects of HCDE's teaching mission, and is relevant for faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants.

Research Resources

Resources include information about applying for grants and sponsored projects, human subjects information, and facilitites and resources documents.

Policies and Procedures

Official department policies and procedures applying to faculty, staff, and students.

Front Office Handbook

Front office duties and responsibilities, including information about equipment, events/space, mail, supplies, general office administration, and UW services.