Peer Evaluation Procedures

All items listed below are the responsibility of the Assistant to the Chair (AC), unless otherwise noted. The AC checks in with the department Chair throughout the peer evaluation process.


Seven months before the peer evaluations are due: the Chair and AC convene for a strategic planning session. Included in the planning session are:

  • Assignment of peer review teaching evaluation pairs.
  • Determination of which faculty need a full versus an abbreviated review and frequency of review (per UW handbook COE P&T procedures as of 2011).
    • Assistant professors: full review with classroom visit every year until their review for tenure. *Must teach year before going up for tenure.
    • *Associate professors: full review with classroom visit every other year AND the year before they go up for promotion. *Must teach year before going up for promotion.
    • Full professors: comprehensive peer evaluation every three years with abbreviates evaluations in other years.

Communication Regarding Peer Evaluation Process

  • At the beginning of fall quarter, the AC consults with the department Chair and determines the peer review pairs, and emails the peer review schedule to HCDE faculty. In this email, the AC reminds faculty that if they or the faculty member they are reviewing are not teaching in winter quarter, they need to conduct the peer teaching evaluation and/or classroom visit during fall quarter. The email should also include a link to the HCDE Peer Evaluation Policy documentĀ for guidelines on what to consider in peer evaluations.
  • Monthly, the AC sends email reminders to faculty regarding the peer evaluation due date (mid-March).
  • Faculty being reviewed and reviewers are asked to submit a signed copy of the peer review to the AC.