Academic Appointment Process

Academic appointments are inclusive of new faculty, visiting faculty and scholars, part-time lecturers, and affiliate and adjunct faculty. There are numerous steps in the academic appointment process that extend from HCDE, the College of Engineering's Academic Human Resources Department, and the UW Academic Human Resources Department. The approval process can be initiated only once all the appointee's materials are received by the Assistant to the Chair of HCDE. Typically, an academic appointment will take a minimum of two work weeks for the approval process to be completed once all materials are received.

What follows is a standard academic appointment process for a part-time lecturer:

  • The HCDE Associate Chair of Academics or Learning identifies and confirms availability of appointee to teach in HCDE.
  • The Associate Chair generates email to the HCDE Chair, Assistant to the Chair, Administrator, Academic Services Manager, and Fiscal Specialist: the email details which course the appointee will teach, when the course is held (e.g., quarter, Day vs. Eve), the appointee's name, email, and phone number.
  • The Assistant to the Chair sends email to the appointee requesting current CV, UW bio form, and letter of recommendation (minimum of one letter).
  • Upon receipt of all materials from the appointee, a vote by the Executive Committee is required. The Assistant to the Chair provides the appointee’s materials to the Executive Committee.
  • If appointee is teaching in a fee-based program administered by Professional and Continuing Education (PCE), the Assistant to the Chair requests bio from appointee for the PCE web site.
  • The Assistant to the Chair inputs the appointee's information into the Faculty and Instructor Appointment Timeline spreadsheet on the department T drive and the departmental database (TCPeople).
  • Once the Executive Committee has voted on the academic appointment, the Assistant to the Chair notifies the appointee via email and cc's departmental staff (Chair, Associate Chair, Fiscal Specialist, Academic Services Manager, Academic Advisor, Communications Manager, and Office Manager). An email example is below:

I am pleased to inform you that the Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering in the College of Engineering has recommended you be appointed as Lecturer Part-Time for fall quarter 2012. Your offer letter is in the mail, and should be delivered to you shortly. Please indicate your acceptance by signing and returning one copy of the enclosed letters in the enclosed envelope by June 29, 2012.

As soon as we receive your signed letter of acceptance, we will submit your appointment packet to Human Resources to be finalized and entered into the system. Once this final step occurs, we will enter you into the Time Schedule, which gives you access to your course list, class location information, Catalyst tools relating to your course, etc.

In the meantime, I would like to introduce you to HCDE's Fiscal Specialist. He will be in contact with you to discuss any payroll information. He has been cc'ed to this email.

For more information regarding your appointment, grading policy, and teaching resources, please refer to our Part-Time Instructor Handbook at

If there is anything we can do to assist you, feel free to call me at 206.221.0997. We look forward to working with you in the coming years.

  • AC drafts an offer letter; the Chair signs the letter and it is mailed to the appointee for their concurrence signature.
  • When the appointee returns his or her signed offer letter to the Assistant to the Chair, the Assistant to the Chair forwards the academic appointment packet to the COE for approval.
  • The COE forwards appointment to the UW AHR for concurrence.
  • The COE generates an approval email to the Assistant to the Chair who forwards the email on to the HCDE Fiscal Specialist for entry into payroll (OPUS).
  • The Assistant to the Chair updates the quarterly instructor email listserv.
  • The Assistant to the Chair updates the quarterly PTL email. This email is sent out two weeks before the start of the academic quarter, and the week before the new quarter.