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To receive credit for an internship:

  1. Ensure you meet the prerequisites for an internship.
  2. Ensure your internship will meet the department's internship requirements.
  3. Fill out the internship letter of agreement (PDF).
  4. Fill out the online internship form.
    You must upload both a completed letter of agreement and a resume to the form.
  5. Once your internship form has been approved, you will receive an entry code for HCDE 495 or HCDE 601.
  6. Submit a paper to the Internship Advisor once the internship is completed.

Students should complete this process as soon as they have defined their internship opportunity.

The approval process might take a week or more; if students delay getting approval, they might end up being forced to pay late-registration fees. In addition, even if students intend to take the internship credits in a later quarter, they should still get the internship approved before beginning the work. (Otherwise, students could learn too late that the work does not qualify for internship credits.)

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