Current Students

Internship Requirements

Students in the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering must meet the following requirements to receive credit for their internship:

  • The internship is intended to give students an opportunity to consolidate and extend what they have learned in class by working in a professional setting under guidance of a supervisor who is a practitioner in the field.
  • Students are required to work 3 hours per week for 10 weeks for each academic credit. In other words, a 5-credit internship would require that students work 15 hours per week for the 10 weeks in the quarter in which they are performing their internship.
  • Undergraduate students are limited to a maximum of 10 internship credits per quarter even though some companies want their student interns to work full time (40 hours per week).
  • Graduate students are limited to a maximum of five internship credits per quarter and may only count a total of five internship credits towards their degree.
  • The intern's supervisor (a representative of the company the intern is working for) must send an email to the internship advisor certifying that the intern has put in the required number of hours. The internship adviser cannot award academic credit for the internship until that letter has been received.

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