Current Students

What We Ask of You

First, we ask that you remember that an internship is first and foremost an educational experience intended primarily to benefit the student. We certainly expect our students to earn their keep by being contributing, productive members of your team, but we ask that the kinds of activities and projects assigned to our students challenge their knowledge and skills. We know, of course, that every job, every project, includes some activities that might best be termed drudgery, and we are not asking that our students be insulated from those activities. We simply would like you to remember that an internship is a contribution made by you and your organization to the profession of human centered design & engineering through the education of your future colleagues.


HCDE does not require that our interns be paid. As a practical matter, however, virtually all interns are compensated by their companies. Presently, most offers fall between $15.00 and $25.00 per hour.