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Scheduling an Internship

Scheduling an Intern's "Tour of Duty"

We understand that the rest of the world does not work on an academic calendar. Consequently, students can begin an internship whenever it becomes available, and take the official credit in a following quarter, as long as the work requirement is complete before the credit is taken. (Students must work a minimum of 30 hours for each credit taken.)

When should you post a position announcement? To ensure that you have an opportunity to evaluate the largest number of student intern applicants, it is best to post an announcement at least a month before the beginning of the quarter for which you anticipate having a student intern working for you. The university's quarters are (approximately) as follows: Autumn Quarter runs from the end of September to the middle of December; Winter Quarter runs from the beginning of January to the middle March; Spring Quarter runs from the end of March to the middle of June; Summer Quarter runs from third week in June through the third week in August.

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