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Return to Work

This page was last updated October 1, 2020

Following the guidance provided by the Governor’s Office and the University of Washington, all HCDE faculty and staff are highly encouraged to work from home whenever possible through Autumn 2020 quarter. Even as guidance changes, we anticipate that faculty and staff will continue to do a significant portion of their work from home for the entire 2020-2021 academic year.

Those who do need to come into Sieg Building to work or even to just pick up supplies will need to follow these rules:

  1. Complete the EH&S COVID Back to Work Training (only needs to be done once)
  2. Fill out the Work On-Site Attestation in Workday before coming in every day the person will be coming onto campus
  3. Wear a mask in any public or shared spaces in Sieg Building
    • This includes hallways, bathrooms, and the main office
    • Sieg Building’s student lounge and conference rooms are currently closed to use
  4. Schedule in building time in advance with coworkers
    • Those who work in individual private offices outside of the main office may come in at any time without prior scheduling
    • Those who work in shared private offices outside of the main office should schedule amongst themselves so that no more than one person is in an office at a time. Even wearing masks, offices are not large enough to properly socially distance. 
      • This includes the offices in the Engineering Annex.
    • Those who work in the main office, even if they have a private individual office within that space, should work with HCDE’s Building Coordinator and Office Manager, Jane Skau, to schedule times when they will be in the office.
      • At maximum capacity, there are 7 workspaces in the HCDE main office. These are the Chair, ATC, and Administrator private offices, the three office cubes in main part of the office, and one space in the reception area. 
      • If more than one person is in the main office, masks must be worn
  5. Please clean workspaces after use, before leaving Sieg Building
    • Cleaning supplies are available in the main office, in cupboards above the reception desk
    • If additional cleaning supplies need to be ordered, please contact Jane Skau
  6. Please, DO NOT give anyone access to spaces they do not already have access to
  7. Those who work in labs should follow the protocols set forth by their labs in the Return to Research plan. 
    • If those labs are outside of Sieg Building, you must follow the rules for that building as well as the lab.