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Uber Ride Accessibility

Our project explores features that enhance the Uber Ride experience for blind or visually impaired (BVI) users.

Students: Shiva Rithwick Anem, Jaewon Choi, Joseph Decena, Eksanie Ghattas
Project sponsored by:  Uber

Uber for BVI Riders from Shiva Rithwick Anem on Vimeo.

The team went through 3 main phases: research, ideation, and design. During that process we worked together in class to plan and sketch out ideas of how we are going to begin working. This included defining the design scope, as well as narrowing down our users. Prior to the pandemic, a majority of the team met with Uber in person, while the rest of the team joined remotely due to the time restraints. We designed opt-in and voice feedback features for blind or visually impaired (BVI) users to provide them an equitable experience as sighted users when using Uber.