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APiJET Turnaround Management

Designing an enterprise-grade solution to streamline multi-flight coordination during turnaround.

Students: Nanda Sundaresan, Erin Graves, Sarina Katznelson, Asikur Rahman
Project sponsored by:  APiJET

Our application is an enterprise-grade platform that provides real-time aircraft data and predictive analysis to minimize delays. Our solution focuses on streamlining the coordination of multiple flights, from an airport level perspective. To develop this application, we interviewed APiJET stakeholders and Station Operation Managers to gain insight into user and business needs. The results produced three main pain points: Communication, Prioritization, and Data Visibility. We then remotely collaborated to brainstorm, visualize, and synthesize ideas, until we arrived at our final solution. In the future, we hope our application will be expanded to different domains beyond SOM’s that will improve coordination efforts at every stage of the turnaround process.