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2020 Undergraduate Capstone Projects

In the Human Centered Design & Engineering two-quarter capstone course, graduating students put into practice all they have gained throughout their coursework and apply it to an identified problem—either proposed by an industry affiliate or discovered by the students themselves.

HCDE students presented the below capstone projects at the 2020 HCDE Open House on June 8, 2020. View videos of the 2020 Bachelor's capstone projects below.

Aircraft Turnaround Management Application

The application sources real-time aviation data to reduce flight delays through supporting Station Operation Managers to easily identify delay risks and coordinate smoother aircraft turns.
Students: Esther Lin, Cara Pangelinan, Leanne Liu, Jordan Kussmann
Project sponsored by: APiJET

APiJET Turnaround Management

Designing an enterprise-grade solution to streamline multi-flight coordination during turnaround.
Students: Nanda Sundaresan, Erin Graves, Sarina Katznelson, Asikur Rahman
Project sponsored by: APiJET

B2C Customer Experience in Microsoft Teams

A simpler way to connect businesses to their customers and coworkers.
Students: Isabelle Armstrong, Espen Scheuer, Olivia Oplinger, Collin Tran
Project sponsored by: Microsoft Teams


CocoBot is an AI chatbot platform that strives to improve the mental and physical well-being of caregivers of children with chronic illnesses.
Students: Monina Nepomuceno, Amanda Zhu, Grace Zhu, Tammy Ho, and Derick Yap
Project sponsored by: University of Washington Population Health Initiative


Finances a bit more social.
Students: Jaesuk Lee, Brent Wong, Robert Bennett, Vy Pham
Project sponsored by: BECU

Internal SonoSite Data Visualizer

An Internal Visualization Tool for FujiFilm SonoSite Ultrasound Devices Data
Students: Christopher Moreno, Ziyue (Irene) Li, Xin (Michelle) Gao, Xinyi (Sunny) Cui
Project sponsored by: Fujifilm SonoSite

Mary Meyer Adaptable Home Project

As you grow, age, and adapt to life, your home should change with you.
Students: Ross Monroe, Willa Yang, William Dodson, Gina Gross
Project sponsored by: Mary Meyer Life Fitness

Nordstrom Chatbot

A Virtual Assistant that Elevates Your Online Shopping Experience
Students: Lily Rosencrantz, Katie Yang, Alice Li, Augustina Ao Liu
Project sponsored by: Nordstrom

OneNote Collaboration

Work together seamlessly, one note at a time
Students: Niat Emnetu, Franklin Huynh, Khyree Watson, Iman Yusuf
Project sponsored by: Microsoft


MIC Rider Rewards (Vulnerable Populations)
Students: Rose Guttman, Khadijah Jordan, Christina Smith, Nicole Washington
Project sponsored by: Mobility Innovation Lab, King County Metro, Sound Transit, Seattle Department of Transportation

Preparing for Care

Enhancing the pediatric cancer discharge process to support patient families.
Students: Ashley Boone, Kathy Bui, Laura Meng, Melissa Pao
Project sponsored by: Seattle Children's Hospital

Redesigning the Social Media Experience

Utilizing design patterns to encourage active social media interactions
Students: Anthea Bartlett, Ethan Walkley, Alyssa Spickermann, Srinithi Latha
Project sponsored by: Kloa

Rider Rewards Program

Improve Seattle Transit one ride at a time
Students: Rachel Wallace, Karishma Patel, Griffen Schwiesow, Emily Rosenfield
Project sponsored by: King County Metro, Sound Transit, Seattle Department of Transportation, Mobility Innovation Center

Seattle Children's Hospital Family Resource Center Toolkit

Caring for Caregivers
Students: Nikita Kovalovs, Alison Gray, Jamie Vanderwall, Maya Klitsner
Project sponsored by: Seattle Children's Hospital

Study Groups

A new online canvas study tool designed to help you find new study buddies and friends in online classes
Students: Alexander Harr, Seung Won Shin, Daniel Nguyen, Amelia Wang
Project sponsored by: UW Continuum College

Uber Ride Accessibility

Our project explores features that enhance the Uber Ride experience for blind or visually impaired (BVI) users.
Students: Shiva Rithwick Anem, Jaewon Choi, Joseph Decena, Eksanie Ghattas
Project sponsored by: Uber