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2019 Master's Capstone Projects

In the Human Centered Design & Engineering two-quarter capstone course, graduating students put into practice all they have gained throughout their coursework and apply it to an identified problem—either proposed by an industry affiliate or discovered by the students themselves.

All master's and bachelor's HCDE students presented their work at the 2019 HCDE Open House on June 7, 2019. View posters and available videos of the 2019 Master's capstone projects, below.

A Strategy Toolkit for Seattle Area Homeless Organizations

Workshop activities designed to engage shelters in discussion and strategy development for solutions to complex problems.
Christopher "Kit" Collins, Ross Abplanalp, Danny Macdonald, Galen Lieberworth

Bridging the Gap

Understanding and Reimaging Bridge Study Manager
Sponsor: Sage Bionetworks
Chris Hussein, Michelle Yu, Amy Zhong

Building Care

Positive distraction from life with cancer
Sponsor: Seattle Children's Hospital
Alice Lin, Anthony Ugas, Hannah Nursalim, Sonnet Lauberth

Project video »


Unlocking music for all
Bhakti Bathia, Meghna Bhairappa, D'Marcus Butler, Bill Marshall


How might we use mobile technology to educate visitors about the park without drawing them away from nature?
Tien Ngoc Do, Ping-Kwan Lai, Chun-Fang Yang, Manuel Zetino

Favorite Uber Driver

An Uber experience created for you, by you
Sponsor: Uber
Rachael Cicero, Hyewon Son, Vera Chen


A mesh networking based toolkit for enabling mutual aid via peer to peer communication after a disaster
Eric Zelna, Josephine Hoy, Dave Molinero, Evan Feenstra

Project video »

From Strangers to Partners: The Relationship Between Gestational Surrogates and Intended Parents

An exploration of intimacy and communication in distanceseparated surrogacy partnerships
Jen Rapp, Kate Schenot, Nicole VanMeter

Global Security Academy Online Portal Redesign

Design for Scalability
Sponsor: Amazon Global Security Operations (GSO)
Natalie Huang, Dong Li, Meng Wang

Project video »

Group Travel with Alaska Airlines

Fly Solo, Discover Together
Sponsor: Alaska Airlines
Hayley Bierbaum, Andrea Sequeira, Sandy Tsai, Jian Li Zheng

Improving the Flight Transferring Experience

Connecting experiences from sky to sky
Sponsor: Alaska Airlines
Sijin Chen, Yahui Ma, Samantha West, Mandy Xu

Project video »

Learning from Play at Work

The Art of Kahoot!ing in the Office
Sponsor: Office 365 & Kahoot!
Zimu Guo, Veronika Hanson, Corynne Umeda, Emily Zeng

Making an Approachable Museum

Please don’t touch the art
Jenna James, José Lara Silva, Peter Cutler, Wamwitha Love

Major Explorer

Kick start your major exploration
Sponsor: UWIT
Honggang Lai, Roy Luo, Zirui Wang, Dawen Zheng

Project video »

Project EMAR

Creating a gift-giving experience that reduces teen stress
Anting Chen, Alanté Fields, Stefanie Funtsch, Yoonbo Shim

Project video »


Monitor. Troubleshoot. Stay on top.
Sponsor: Dell EMC
Mike Harwell, Greg Martin, Jon Newth

Reclaiming Identity

Know your data
Sponsor: nFocus Solutions 
Kira Awadalla, Elizabeth Quepons, Toni Saylor, Omari Stringer


Make the most out of your saved articles
Charlie Huo, Yi Tang, Ziyan Yang


Improving Health Care for All
Sponsor: Virginia Mason
Kristen Demarjian, Kris Everson, David Kennedy, Kyle Witt

Snap Stax

Helping nonprofit staff connect with their clients
Sponsor: nFocus Solutions
Kathryn Brookshier, Nitya Nambisan, Tucker Standlee, Tyson Zevenbergen


A digital message board for retirement home residents that improves daily lives and social interactions
Kairavi Chahal, Samantha Muscat-Scherr, Sandra Rathman

Project video »


Virtual Relaxation Environment for Teens
Sponsor: Project EMAR
Adrian Che, Kartika Rathee, Sonam Samel


Better understand and take charge of your mental health through recommendations and insights based on patterns in your dialogue
Sponsor: Google
Haley Rohl, Ben Galassi, Blake Tsuaki, Juliette Weiss