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2019 Bachelor's Capstone Projects

In the Human Centered Design & Engineering two-quarter capstone course, graduating students put into practice all they have gained throughout their coursework and apply it to an identified problem—either proposed by an industry affiliate or discovered by the students themselves.

All master's and bachelor's HCDE students presented their work at the 2019 HCDE Open House on June 7, 2019. View posters and available videos of the 2019 Bachelor's capstone projects, below.


Be the pilot of your change experience
Sponsor: Alaska Airlines
Timnit Bekele, Aleenah Ansari, Ruotong Melody Xu, Carina Dempsey


An electric future
Sponsor: Paccar
Rachel Ren, Megan Truong, Ben Wagner-Wilkins, Maike Wells
Project video »

Competency Assessment Tool

Reach the Next Level in Your Career
Sponsor: Amazon Global Security Operations
Nathan Han, Jang Soo Lim, Monica Posluszny, Helene Shea

Econsent Management System

Digitizing a consent management system for Alzheimer's research
Sponsor: Sage Bionetworks
Daiana Kaplan, Madeleine Le, Akshaya Venkat
Project video »


Learning analytics platform made for UW instructors to better education outcomes
Sponsor: UW Continuum College
Keristian Farra, Nathnael Solomon, Samuel Spieth, Tre Paolini

Go Seattle

Encouraging public transportation mobile ticketing usage among tourists in the Seattle area
Sponsor: King County Metro
Madisen Arurang, Aylee Neff, Michael Palomo, Scott Tan
Project video »

hi Bonsai

A new perspective on an old tradition
Sponsor: Pacific Bonsai Museum
Natalie Chow, Laura Dickinson, Maria Perla, Timothy Sun
Project video »

Incident Ahead

A card game to enhance the security training culture
Sponsor: Amazon Global Security
Kush Tekriwal, Emily Nuri, Sanidhya Misra
Project video »

Improving Efficiency of Anesthesiologists through App Redesign

Prepare for Better Care
Sponsor: UW Medicine
Amanda Shen, Angela Li Shou, Mimi Peach, Steven Yong

The Next Generation of ORCA

Reimagining Seattle Public Transportation
Sponsors: CoMotion Mobility Innovation Center, King County Metro, and Sound Transit
Sierramatice Karras, Zach Thomas, Zoe Escalona, Ryan Zuzelski

Nordstrom Find In-Store

Shop with confidence
Sponsor: Nordstrom
Stefanie Choi, Kotoko Yamada, Kaitlyn He, Inhae Kim
Project video »

ORBIS (Operating Room Business Intelligence Software)

A comprehensive health IT platform that helps providers visualize individual and group performance in real time
Sponsor: UW Medicine
Mulki Mohamed, Feven Debela, Maria Medina, Delannah Collins
Project video »

Plectica Perspective Mapping

Innovate your diagrams with perspectives
Sponsor: Plectica
Asuka Takano, Melody Yu, Garrett Mar, Jamie Heeyun Byun

Project Elios

Elios aims to create a more equitable, responsible, engaged community in which people come together to solve the wicked problems our society faces.
Sponsor: Facebook
Khang Lee, Lynda Nguyen, Jonathan Tran


Connect with Seattle through music history
Sponsor: UW Ethnomusicology Archives
Tariku Allen, Shangyang Chen, Ruby Davis, Japjeet Singh Narang
Project video »

Steam Store Redesign

Valve's digital distribution gaming platform, Steam, is redesigned and modernized for optimum user experience
Sponsor: Valve
Connor Garrett, Wendy Kang, Nikita Morozov, Colin Youngblood

Virginia Mason Know Me Tool

Creating a ‘Know Me’ tool to better the relationship between patients and health care providers
Sponsor: Virginia Mason
Cheyenne Sokkappa, Courtney McKee, Reksha Rathnam, Sahana Vishwanath
Project video »

WWW (Wave Wear Website)

Expanding user base with localized website redesign
Sponsor: Wave Company
Alaa Amed, Caleb GS Park, Jingle Huang
Project video »