2018 Master's Capstone Projects

In the Human Centered Design & Engineering two-quarter capstone course, graduating students put into practice all they have gained throughout their coursework and apply it to an identified problem—either proposed by an industry affiliate or discovered by the students themselves.

All master's and bachelor's HCDE students presented their work at the 2018 HCDE Open House on May 29, 2018. View posters and videos of the 2018 Master's capstone projects, below.

Breasy Child Asthma Management
Breathing easy. Together.
Erika Langhauser, Morgan Duffy, Danielle Teska, Lulu Xiao

Build-A-Bot Poster

A robot designing game
Aastha Malhotra, Lauren Hirt

Chem Bridges Poster

Chem Bridges
Increasing engagement and learning for high school chemistry students
Alec Olschner, Andrew Boydston, Sam Kim, Jesse Gylling

Tableau Poster

Collaborating with Data in Tableau
Online collaboration improvements in the process of data analysis and visualization
Anna Casey, Dana Sasinowski, Julie Stuart, Angela Rosette-Tavares

Cope Poster

A smart companion for managing anxiety
Lea Lonnberg-Hickling, Rachel Barnecut, Layne Soike, Padma Ravikumar

Direct Pass Poster

Direct Pass
Eliminating emotional baggage in the self check-in process
Clara Jauquet, Diana Oviedo, Sang-Wha Sien

Empathy VR Poster

Empathy VR
Using VR to extend empathy and emotional intelligence education beyond the classroom door, and shape children into well-rounded adults
Mike Knauer, Ender J Barillas, Nathan Ormsby

Engage Poster

For people who want to make a difference
Zechariah Robinson, Josh Leibsohn, Pierre Delcourt, Scott Andersen

EQ Assistant Poster

EQ Assistant
Taking the guesswork out of communication
Jina Suh, Elise Livingston, Haruka Jones, Philip Loh

E-Z Turn for Drivers Poster

E-Z Turn for Drivers
Returns made easy
David Harris, Josh Thomas, Swetha Ramaswamy

Here and Now Poster

Here and Now
Optimizing ecological momentary assessments
Alik Brundrett, Ria Athavia

Maya Poster

Using IoT to help parents capture their baby's special moments
Shuyu Li, Vivek A Maharajh, Sang Nam, Brooks Tiffany

Moment Brew Poster

Moment Brew
Smartphone-based AR for capturing and sharing special coffee moments
Jihoon Suh, Nichole Kim, Thana-On (June) Punkasem

Office 365 Poster

Streamlined Event Organizing with Microsoft Office 365
Extend, Engage, Empower
Lu Gan, Tessa Li, Tongfang Sun

Palette Poster

Spark your curiosity with a selfie; encouraging exploration and discovery in gen-Z teens
Kailey Chan, Jessica Bao, Ashish Chaudhary, Francis Estrada

Smilecare Poster

Support, assurance, community for parents of children with orofacial clefts
Yao Lu, Xiaodong Chen,Tess Wolfe-Stelzer

Synapse Poster

Manage data. Work together. Advance research.
Livia Brown, Anna Serra, Laura Eise, Erika Sam

Tangible Interface Poster

Tangible Interface for Mixed Reality Collaboration
AR for building the next generation of robotic spacecraft
Alexa Alejandria, Lillian Xiao, Trang Dinh, Rigo Ordaz

Uber Eats Poster

Uber Eats Delivery Experience
Improving the Uber Eats courier experience and delivery efficiency
Audrey Wu, Josh Baker, Janet Ng, Alexandra Olarnyk