2018 Bachelor's Capstone Projects

In the Human Centered Design & Engineering two-quarter capstone course, graduating students put into practice all they have gained throughout their coursework and apply it to an identified problem—either proposed by an industry affiliate or discovered by the students themselves.

All master's and bachelor's HCDE students presented their work at the 2018 HCDE Open House on May 29, 2018. View posters and videos of the 2018 Bachelor's capstone projects, below.

A decision support tool for health workers diagnosing respiratory illnesses in low-resource settings
Lauren Antilla, Anastasia Erofeeva, Kelsey Fukuda, Tiffany Lan

alrite mobile poster

ALRITE Mobile Application
Diagnose quickly, breathe easy
Gero Bergk, Emma Faubion, Daniel Scheid, Kaitlyn Zhou

amazon alert Poster

Amazon Alert
Building a strong security culture
Yeun-Yuan (Jessie) Kuo, Kiwon Jeong, Kristy Chen, Yujin Cho

amazon security support poster

Amazon Security Support System
Digital support system that helps employees understand and complete tasks, reducing non-productive time
Kate Cowley, Ted McDonald, Eduardo Rojas, Edgar Onofre

Amazon seller news poster

Amazon Seller News: Moving the Trust Dial
Sowing the seeds of trust through seller news communication
Greg Yu, Kanishk Shukla, Alex Mooc, Brian Illa

Amazon seller trust poster

Amazon Seller Trust
Increase news perception and seller trust
Meredith Xie, Selena Xu, Carol Yuan, Chenying Yuan

Amazon step-by-step security poster

Amazon Step-by-Step Security
Supporting your employees. Securing your site.
Haley Tuttle, Samuel San Nicolas, Kimberly Wong, Woody Gu

Amazon registry poster

Amazon Wedding Registry
Designing a guided wedding registry experience for engaged couples
Oorja Chowdhary, Nicole McGovern, Kelly Xu, Stephanie Yu

ArtsWA poster

ArtsWA: My Public Art Portal
A website redesign of the online Washington State art collection
Jackie Yu, Edwin Guijosa, Yodit Tefera, Olivia Irwin, Andrew Briggs

campus connection poster

Campus Connection
Discover your FutVRe
Adele Parsons, Allyson Kline, Kimmy Aubert, Maddie Gander

centralized wellness poster

Centralized Wellness Website
Bringing Husky Health Together
Mike Eacker, Kyril Panfilov, Shaunte Smith, Addison Simon

City Eye poster

City Eye
Mobile app to help people with vision impairments explore the city and find places around them
Celina Hipolito, Lulu Sun, Emily Uthoff, May Zhao

Riveter poster

Data Collection at The Riveter
Improving data collection and feedback processes at a female-forward coworking space
Brynn Tweeddale, Yvonna Skrinnik, Lauren Beehler, Zena Getachew

flyflow poster

Catch your flight with delight
Vrishti Bhowmik, Brent Gruenke, Andrey Guiao, Karena Vongampai

chatbot poster

I am Chatbot
Welcome to the future of chat UI
Eric Zhang, Mallory Kester, Nathan Young, Pooja Ghelani

IHME poster

Unlocking the power of precision public health
Molly Donohue, Noah Eisfelder, Wil Sanctis

Public housing poster

Improving Communication in Public Housing
Enhancing communication, one community at a time
Rabea Baroudi, Yuliana Flores, Samantha Gil Vargas, Madison Holbrook

nFocus poster

nFocus TraxSolutions Data Reporting
Redesigning a reporting tool for non-profits to communicate and measure their impact
Becky Baron, Gabby Bilka, Tressa Coultard, Aleah Young

Recap PCA Poster

Recap PCA
Mindful pain management, made simple
Jill Aneri Shah, Mackenna Lees, Ostin Kurniawan, Scott Smith

RIIT Poster

RIIT (Recovery Improvement Interactive Technology)
Electronic pill dispensing device and companion app for post-operative pain management
Michael W. Beach, Ali J. Morgan, Ian S. Russell, Finn C. Thompson

Washington 211 Poster

Washington 211
Helping people access social resources
Matthew Yang, Truc Ly Le, Angus Wang, Eric Eckert

Yesler Central Poster

Yesler Central
Designing to cultivate and activate community
Gina Lee, Josephine Le, Bonnie Tran, Emily Wong