Collaboration Opportunities

There are several ways for HCDE Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) members to work with students and faculty in HCDE.

Propose a Capstone Project

Propose a Capstone projectThe department accepts proposals for Capstone project sponsorship at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Capstone projects are student-run, large-scale projects that encompass two quarters of student work. Sponsor involvement can be as little as providing project ideas or as much as full-on mentoring. Corporate Affiliates at the Strategic Partner membership level receive one free Capstone project per year. More »

Propose a Class Project

Propose a Class ProjectClass projects are a real-world, industry project conducted in an HCDE class. These projects generally are small in scale and can run anywhere from three weeks to an entire ten-week quarter. More »

Propose a Research Topic

Propose a Research TopicResearch sponsors run a Directed Research Group in conjunction with a member of HCDE's faculty. Directed Research Groups are offered every academic quarter and students across HCDE's undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs receive credit for the course. Sponsored research require a high level of involvement and therefore provide the greatest amount of interaction with students and faculty. More »


Feel free to contact us so we can help you identify the best venue for your project ideas and connect you with faculty who may be interested in working with you.