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HCDE Anonymous Reporting Form

The Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering strives to advance greater transparency, accountability, and dignity for all members of the community. Our work toward fostering a broader ethics of care within the department has led to the creation of this HCDE anonymous reporting form.

We welcome you to share your experiences, concerns, and ideas using the HCDE Anonymous Reporting Form. HCDE's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee will use the information provided to guide discussions on actions we can take to nurture a more equitable, accessible, and safe space for all of its members. In this work, we strive to complement individual urgency with collective responsibility.

All submissions are anonymous unless you choose to disclose your identity. If disclosed, your identity will be kept confidential. You can choose to whom you want your information to be disclosed (with the exception of specifying at least one staff or faculty member for organizational continuity). Your feedback will be reviewed by the DEI committee member(s) you specify below within one week of submitting (with the exception of the summer months, when reports will be reviewed on a monthly basis). A summary of aggregated themes (i.e., counts of thematic issues arising) may be shared with the broader HCDE community for transparency.

Before using this form, please review the Student Rights Policy to see if another resource is more appropriate for your needs.

HCDE Anonymous reporting form