UX Speaker Series, Winter 2014

HCDE 521 Seminar, Winter 2014

Every Friday in Winter Quarter the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) invites industry experts to speak about current issues in user experience (UX) research and design. Catch up on the latest in UX and watch the series below.

January 10

Designing for Multi-screen Customer Journeys
Geoff Harrison, Blink Interactive

January 17
Medical Design and Development as it Relates to User Research, Usability and the Regulatory Environment
Carmen Chacon, Kaleidoscope

January 24
Design in the Real World (or, at least, Groupon)
Peter Merholz, Groupon

January 31

Doing your homework: UX design for technical products
Joe Tullio and Matt Terich, Google

February 7
Adapting to Change: UX Research in an Ever-Changing Business Environment 
Andrea Lindeman, T-Mobile

February 14
Looking for Trouble: Gathering Design Inspiration From Life's Difficulties
Emma Rose, UW Tacoma

February 21
Shouldn’t Doctors Enjoy Using Medical Devices as Much as Smart Phones?
Amanda Mander, Sonosite

February 28
Your UX Career Path: In-house, agency, both or neither?
Matt Dente, Fell Swoop

March 7
Reputation is Everything: Designing Social Experiences with Accountability
Janice Von Itter, Microsoft

March 14
In Which Flying Robots Bring Us Stuff: Design in the New Age of Drones
Matt Shobe, TechStars