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Julie Kientz Research Group

Summer 2015

Evaluating a Game to Promote Inclusion of Young Children

This DRG will focus on running an experimental study to determine how effective a tablet application is at supporting play between children ages 4-7 who are typically developing and who experience social, emotional, communication, or other similar disabilities.

In July, we will carry out the study with multiple dyads of children. In August, we will code the collected video data. Participants in the DRG will be expected to facilitate the study by doing tasks such as recording video, taking notes, greeting and debriefing participants, etc. and then help with coding.

The DRG is co-led by HCDE PhD student Kiley Sobel and Associate Professor Julie Kientz. If you are interested in registering, please contact Kiley Sobel at

  • Register for 2-3 credits.
  • Meeting times/place: TBD

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