Future Students

Graduate Non-Matriculated Enrollment

On rare occasions, the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) allows prospective students and community members who are not yet admitted to the UW to take a single graduate course in our program on a space-available basis with departmental approval AND instructor permission. Not all courses are open for single course enrollment and space is extremely limited.

Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) Enrollment

GNM status allows students who are not currently enrolled in a graduate program to take graduate level HCDE courses and "bank" the credits (up to 12) in the chance the student later wants to apply them toward our graduate degree. A bachelor's degree and 3.0 GPA in your last 90 quarter (60 semester) hours is required to apply for GNM status.

How to submit a GNM application

  1. Create an account before the deadline noted below
  2. Select HCDE from the list of graduate programs: Human Centered Design & Engineering—Professional (MS in HCDE)
  3. Complete and submit the on-line application form (you will be able to save a PDF copy of your GNM application)
  4. HCDE will make decisions about GNM applicants close to the start of the quarter for which you applied.

If applicant is approved, HCDE will email all email the necessary registration forms.

Acceptance as a GNM student confers no guarantee or priority for future official admission to the Graduate School within a degree program.

Once you have GNM status, you do not have to re-apply for it every quarter, unless taking a break from classes. If you have a MyUW account, you can see your status by clicking on "Unofficial Transcripts" under the Student tab. Your status will be noted at the top of your transcripts. In order to continue in the GNM program, you must maintain the standard minimum Graduate School cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

If you have questions, please contact the Academic Services Manager.

GNM Application Deadlines

Autumn Quarter Deadline: September 1
(Instruction Dates: September 30-December 11)

Winter Quarter Deadline: December 1
(Instruction Dates: January 4-March 11)

Spring Quarter Deadline: March 1
(Instruction Dates: March 28-June 3)

Summer Quarter Deadline: June 1
(Instruction Dates: June 20-August 19)